World’s Strongest Man VS Riot Textile Handcuffs + Extreme World Record

World’s Strongest Man VS Riot Textile Handcuffs + Extreme World Record

[Music] hello my friends today we are going to test one of the strongest textile handcuffs in the world using in riots and I will try to get out of them and with me one of the strongest guy in the world when I go on Richter so let’s get started main advantages consist in low weight easy storage and minimal tearing strength of handcuffs is 140 kilograms they are supplied in a set of five pieces and they come with multipurpose cutter for their removal and they are used by the police units all over the world [Music] our strong guy invited us to see his show and right after we are going to try if he can escape from the handcuffs and also he will attempt new extreme World Records [Music] when priest had his speech I drank a few beers and I got into the trouble these handcuffs can be used on any event and if you end up with them you have serious problems because they are using unique locking system which ensures that even physically very strong person cannot get out of them [Music] [Applause] first challenge for Renan is pulling for time fire truck with just a rope and his strong bite no problem for him and if you didn’t know Rena have several records in Guinness Book and he was also featured in Stanley super human they found out that he had stronger bite then alligator which is really insane he can bend big ayran bar I tried myself but there is no way he can easily live guys like that up to 150 kilograms [Music] or holding 70 kilograms in amount while his assistant smashing a concrete block [Applause] and meanwhile somebody start a fire so let’s arrest few suspects [Music] first we got this innocent-looking girl let’s see if she will make her way out of these handcuffs she tried to figure it out some trick but that did not help her so now she will have to go with us our next victim is assistant of Rena so let’s see how he will fight with the handcuffs [Music] [Music] he gave up pretty quick so let’s free him and let’s find someone else [Music] moderator of this event seems like a strong guy let’s try it on him [Music] I let him struggle for a few more minutes but since he had some job to do we released him [Music] we found his big firefighter so let’s tie him up [Music] he was trying his best but it was still not enough but one guy from police unit tried even more [Music] yeah you heard right so let’s hope little nothing happen to Rena and let’s continue in his show [Music] [Music] after he perfu cans this lady want to find out how is to be human rollercoaster what the grade right but now he’s doing what of his most difficult stunts Rana is trying to stop running drilling machine with just his strong bite usually doing this stunt for just a few seconds but this drew machine was really good quality so it took him forever but rather is a big fighter and he don’t like to give up so of course he made his challenge but now you got witness his new world record go of this record is to bite 12 cans in half and all of that must be done under one minute [Music] [Music] he made it in just 31 seconds and it’s really incredible but now I’m sure you all wondering if we can escape from the rad handcuffs so let’s try that [Music] [Music] even foreigner seems this task impossible but he told us if we put handcuffs in front of him he think that he can get out of them [Music] but he quickly realized that even with this method it will be still extremely difficult [Music] you can see how his hands are damaged from the handcuffs [Music] but after a few more minutes he was able to free one of his hands so now the second one [Music] yes he managed to free himself but I want to remind that you will have handcuffs on you you are probably under polish supervision so there is nearly no way how to escape so keep that in mind [Music] and yeah he just ripped them in half so big thanks to yura security products for sending these it was a lot of fun to try them and it’s it for today guys so what’d you think about these handcuffs pretty cool right let me know in the comments and that’s it so thank you all for watching shall I comment subscribe and see you next time

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  1. I saw another video of those being easily snapping off by making a weird twist with your wrists and then smacking them with your knee.

  2. I noticed it was in Czech Republic and i know it because i live in Czech Republic. And can i ask you where are you from?

  3. I saw this video like a year ago and I never knew you were the guy that uploaded it, i see you on the dude perfect comments sometimes

  4. 2:45 the man does not have a bite of an alligator. He only has a bite of 900 pounds per square inch and an alligator has one of 3000 pounds per square inch

  5. Eddie hall was 2017s strongest man so ain’t ever heard of this dude competing in no strong man competition

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