38 Replies to “Would You Wear These Swimsuits?”

  1. 0:52 maybe if you just had a baby and you need to breastfeed it at like a beach or something or thow on some shorts over it to make it look casual

  2. I actually like that last one … but I'm the kinda person who needs to cover up their lumps and bumps ….

  3. We should be thankful for the skirt suits for them that needs 'em! Hey, y'all will be 70 someday too. LOL (Spoken as one who has just turned 65 and would probably wear one of those skirt suits if I had one – hah!)

  4. If only we could've known what else was coming..The skimpiest swimsuit shown here could be cut up to make 6 of todays so-called swimsuits….can you imagine in another 7 years?…lets not

  5. I own a skirt suit too but I wear shorts under neath the skirt because I still feel like it is too revealing 😂

  6. The zipper in the first one is just for people with an upset stomach who might have an alien parasite and don't want to ruin their expensive swimsuit.

  7. Lol funny thing I have a bathing suit with a skirt. It has like a black rocks all over it with white in between each rock looking lol it actually looks nice. But that one was ummm good idea but material is questionable in color.

  8. the first one is obviously a maternity like swimsuit. the extra room you can make for a growing belly & whenever pregnant women have to go, they have to go…. hence the quick snaps down below.

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