21 Replies to “Woven Textile Pendant Tutorial”

  1. Love these, but you make it easier than I found it to be.Those pesky eyelash trims, I lose count when trying to weave them with the fabric. I may try to find something sturdier than cardboard and try that! TFS

  2. These are darling!, so boho Chic!! I just love them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and ideas.

  3. So creative! I have tons of ideas while watching you. I kind of burned myself out with crafts at Christmas. And watching you has brought back some of my creative mojo <3

  4. Thank you, Julia! These are gorgeous. Your tutorials are very easy to follow. I have lots of scrap fabric and yarn and tons of beads. Will be making these for my craft shows.

  5. very cool creations, I love using leftover things from sewing and crafts to create something new and unusual

  6. These are cool, arsty, and have a Native American vibe to them. Love! I've been thinking about doing something like this using ryatie fabric instead of a loom. Thanks for the tute!

  7. Fiber Beads and textiles? Your are always amazing, but you are right up my aisle with this one Julia! Many thanks for your excellent work.

  8. Hi Julia, You have done it again. What a wonderfully creative project. I just love it. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the warmer weather. It is below zero here in IL with 10-12 inches expected Monday. I bet you don't miss it. Looking forward to your next project.

  9. Nice combination of materials. Would make a nice brooch to add to your sweatshirt jackets. I need to connect with my daughter to get some of her fiber stash to go with my fabric stash. Very creative idea. Thank you again for sharing your inspiration. Peace.

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