WOW Luffy Is Wearing A Coat?!! – One Piece Manga Chapter 901 Review

WOW Luffy Is Wearing A Coat?!! – One Piece Manga Chapter 901 Review

This was a great chapter but what made it
even greater is Luffy wearing a coat. Technically, that’s not a coat but a blanket
but hey beggars cannot be choosers, so, shut up. So, finally, after 900 chapters, Luffy is
wearing a coat just like other legends, I really did not expect that. And I hope he will continue to wear it from
this point on. Because as we all know you cannot become a
legend without a coat. This is the unbreakable rule. Anyway, on the cover page, we have Nami, at
least that’s what I thought at first. And I was thinking did a miss a couple of
chapters where Nami went from just being a navigator to this badass warrior. Who is ready to take on even Big Mom. But then I read the text at the bottom but
I was not disappointed because this means that we will see her again. Hajrudin has an impressive doctor, Sanji will
be happy. One Nami is great, two Namis are certain death. He should have gotten married when he had
the chance. Now he is risking swimming in his own blood. Anyway, so the sunny did not blow up, for
those two and a half people who thought it did, then this chapter has good news, it was
a miracle they all are alive. So, their plan was to switch the ships and
buy some time but it did not really work and they should have expected this because there
were up against a very capable people and they are not going to be tricked so easily. But the interesting thing here is that this
ship that the Fishmen did sacrifice was the ship that Fisher Tiger built it. They really are going all out and holding
nothing back, they would be a great asset to the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. And especially Wadatsumi since the Grand Fleet
does not have a submarine, unless Law decides to join. And then Oven uses his power to heat the water
and Wadatsumi comes to the surface and spits out the ship. I was wondering why he did not go even deeper
because I don’t think Oven can heat the water even at the bottom of the sea. But it could be that the waters are shallow
here since they are close to an island or they are deep but the straw hats would not
be able to cope with the pressure of the deep waters since they are humans. We got a little flashback where we see what
the fishmen are ready to do for Jinbe and the straw hats. And after the flashback is over, we have this
panel where they are above the water and they are standing in a line ready to take on Big
Mom Pirates. I have only one word to describe this panel:
EPIC. I really want them to join the grand fleet,
these guys are true warriors. And then Jinbe says I cannot leave them behind. Was anyone surprised by what Jinbe said?! This is exactly what you expect from him. He does ask Luffy to allow him to help them
and Luffy gives an answer that you can only hear in the manga world. “Even if you die, don’t die”. That’s how a true captain gives orders. Jinbe did smile, I expect him to say, don’t
worry I will come in Wano together with Pedro. When they were talking in Zou island about
the war in Wano, Nekomamushi said that even if we get Marco and the rest to help us. It would still not be enough to match them. So, I think it’s really important for the
Fishmen to go to Wano as well. And based on this chapter that is what will
happen, because I don’t think they will leave Jinbe alone to go to a war that could
mean his death. If so then what was the whole point of risking
their lives to save him from Big Mom Pirates? And at the end, we see that Big Mom is joining
the party. And I think this is a sign that this arc will
end soon, because one way or the other I don’t see how things can continue for much longer
with Big Mom there. She said that she will steal Luffy’s soul,
so the fact that they gave her the cake is not going to play a part in the matter. And this is great, because it would be weird
if she would forgive them just because they gave her a cake. Then it would be really hard to be afraid
of a Yonko. But now the question is how they will escape? They are having problems with just the Pirates
there. Now that Big Mom will come as well their chances
are very low unless maybe Big Mom does remember that she was the one who killed the children
and Mother Carmel. And she doesn’t go after them but this would
be anticlimactic. The other option is other characters to show
up and help the Straw Hats. One character that could help them is Garp. Maybe after what did happen in Marineford
he wants to see his grandson because it has been two years since he has seen Luffy. But what do you guys think How this arc will
end? And what did you think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments
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  2. It was fantastic chapter ( is impossible but I would prefer that katakuri will come back and stop big mom and she will try to kill him and all big mom pirates loves katakuri so they will attack big mom I know is impossible to happen I just like this 😂☺️)

  3. Oda must thread lightly because those plot holes are getting at the level of DBS..something that mustn’t happen

  4. Wano Country Arc predictions:
    1. Zoro became the strongest samurai of the sea.
    2. Buggy and his crew sails and departed here.
    3. Ryuma's backstory.
    4. Kaido is the main antagonist of this arc.
    5. And last but not least…

    Carrot ate a Devil Fruit, Yuki Yuki no Mi, and become the 11th member of the Strawhat crew! So you can sing this:

    The Strawhat Pirate: 🎶Now that you're one of us
    Feel free to sing along
    We are so proud of you
    That you can do no wrong
    And we don't even care
    If you pull on our hair!🎶

    Luffy (speaking): 🎵These are the things that Strawhat…🎵 (Gets cut off by Carrot)

    Carrot (speaking): 🎵These are the things that Mink Tribe!~…🎵

    Straw Hat Pirate (plus Carrot): 🎶These are the things we love…to…do!🎶

  5. Amazing video, but we must see maybe Sabo in there, and maybe we will see the Luffy's fleet to help Luffy and the others,because he maybe will need help but Jimbey will control the water now, because he will stay back and that is very interesting, because maybe the Straw hats are already free to escape , and maybe they will not need help for now. Have an amazing day.

  6. 1. Like you said, it's not a coat.

    2. Kaido doesn't wear a coat, nor does Big Mom. That's 2 of the Yonko. Living legends in the One Piece world.

    It would be nice to see later in the story…
    He needs to have a heart to heart with Dragon first

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