47 Replies to “WWE 2K16 – John Cena Top 10 Attires – Community Creations!!”

  1. I thought this video was from 2015.. Because I made some AMAZING Word Life Thuganomics John Cena attires. The black Jersey, SVR, SVR06, and SVR 07.

  2. B4 U guys make attires…let me tell U that bcause of a glitch john cena's cap changes ..but if u toggle the settings and set "use as alternate attire" to No then Cap will not change… Thank U

  3. Go too create and go superstar and then make a super star and u can colour in the tops hats and other things

  4. Hello somebody knows how to change cena John's cap because when I try she(it) stays of the same color

  5. Hey guys i like cena 2014 summerslam attire how can i get this attite in wwe 2k16 please if anyone knows about it then give me some advice thankyou

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