WWE 2K16 – Top 5 Seth Rollins Attires We Want! (WWE 2K15 Creations)

WWE 2K16 – Top 5 Seth Rollins Attires We Want! (WWE 2K15 Creations)

Top 5 Seth Rollins attires! 5. Seth Rollins suited authority attire. 4. Seth Rollins 2014 shirt. 3. Its Seth Rollins “this is hell” NXT champion attire. 2. is Seth Rollins WWE World Heavyweight champion attire from Wrestlemania 31. 1. Seth Rollins “Ghost” Rollins masked shield attire.

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  1. 5 of the best :
    The Architect, The Future, The WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins! Lets run down his top 5 attires in WWE 2K15!

  2. 5-Shield Attire
    4-NXT Attire
    3-MITB Talking Attire —Number 5 at the Video—
    2-Don't Sell Out – Buy İn Attire

  3. If we can slam a quick 150 likes down for my latest Seth Rollins top 5, I will upload a Dean Ambrose PC Mod, with real theme, minitrons & Titantron! … TONIGHT!!

  4. I want soo bad to see an seth rollins money in the bank 2014 attire in the game……… can you upload that attire pleaseee? 🙂

  5. Seth Rollins deserves to be champion because it has a lot of ability on the ground and in the air

  6. What is the entrance formula for number 2 (the one where Seth Rollins has the wwe whc championship belt)?

  7. Yes because let's face it , the heels are better than the faces at the moment and Rollins is the perfect heel

  8. I think Seth Rollins is a great WWE world heavywieght champion even tho people hate him I still think he is the best in the world

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