WWE 2K19: 18 Updated Money in the Bank Attires (PS4/XB1)

WWE 2K19: 18 Updated Money in the Bank Attires (PS4/XB1)

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  1. Here we go with the latest batch of updated attires featuring 18 new WWE Money in the Bank attires for PlayStation 4 / Xbox One!
    All of the attires featured can be found by searching for the creators listed in the video and/or the video description 🙂

  2. Is there a way to transfer an attire to another superstar? I downloaded the Aj Styles attire but it’s some random dude with the attire not Aj Styles. I want to transfer the attire to Aj Styles.

    Edit: Never mind I found out how to do it. I’m such an idiot 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Does anyone else have a problem with certain clothing parts showing up ? The hat for Lacey Evans appears on the edit screen but not in her entrance

  4. I have a great double finisher on the announcer table if anyone can check it out I'd appreciate it i don't do the fake shit where I have 4 controllers and control everyone my stars remain in the corner and I play on legend I will be uploading alot more often and they all will be authentic

  5. Dang it won’t let me download Kevin Owens attire.. even though I have room, can someone help me fix this bug?

  6. Did you know there is a tag entrance and finisher for finn balor and Samoa Joe?

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