WWE 2K19: 25 Updated Elimination Chamber Attires! (PS4/XB1)

WWE 2K19: 25 Updated Elimination Chamber Attires! (PS4/XB1)

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  1. Following Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV today we're taking a look at 25 new updated attires on PlayStation 4 / Xbox One!
    I've also added in some extra creations such as the arena and custom championships, therefore you can find the creator details for those in the description 🙂

  2. Who still play this stupid game.wat is this game without a gm mode without a good my career mode without special guest ref matches,without story Creator mabe create your own gm story and watch Dem play out as a gm.wat is this game without a online universe mode.all those are exclusive that needs to be in a wwe2k game before the contract is up.will be fun to see how 2k will do a gm mode for wwe2k before another company takes over.

  3. Nice video smackalks but how did you download the aj styles attire I tried it won't let me it's still doing the glitch saying I've acceded the maximum amount of downloads but I haven't

  4. Thanks for downloading my Becky I can’t believe that I’m actually featured in one of you’re videos this is the best day of my life wow

  5. I need more people do download mu content on xbox one so i can have more slots i have a kurt angle, brock lesnar and few other wwe superstar caws im trying to show off
    Gamertag: skitz so frenia

  6. this may be a dumb question, but you just have to download these from the community uploads right? so they'll be in the created superstar tab right?

  7. Whoever has xbox one my gamer tag is WolfManGaming83 i do attires to but super heros and bad guys ones #WolfManGaming83 on xbox one wwe2k19

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