WWE NEWS – Triple H REVEALS If He Will TAKEOVER WWE/ Ryback WARNS Vince McMahon About NEW Producer!

WWE NEWS – Triple H REVEALS If He Will TAKEOVER WWE/ Ryback WARNS Vince McMahon About NEW Producer!

Heres your news for
August 9th 2019
Ryback WARNS Vince McMahon About NEW Producer! We’re starting with some news
from SmackDown Live today
and as we previously reported what fans saw this past Tuesday
wasn’t what was planned. Mere hours before the show,
Vince McMahon reportedly
tore up the script meaning the entire two hour
event had to be re-written, a daunting task for everyone
working backstage, as well as
the Superstars themselves. One major change that occurred
included Sami Zayn, who faced
Aleister Black on the blue brand despite a match between the
two being reported for the
Pay Per View. According to Dave Meltzer, when
the new script for SmackDown
was written it still had one hour of the show
left to fill, so the decision was
made to have the battle between the
two former NXT Champions that
night, instead of on Sunday. With Black defeating the Canadian
on SmackDown, it seems a rematch
between the two at Summerslam is unlikely though
the company may still add one
more match to the card. Though there are already ten
matches listed, Dave Meltzer
has said there are 11 matches listed for the show internally,
and according to him, this
eleventh match will be between Cedric Alexander
and Drew McIntyre If true, this would mean that Roman
Reigns will be missing the biggest
party of the summer though it seems the Big Dog may
have a match after all, against
Buddy Murphy. After a brief interaction on this
week’s show where the Australian
revealed it was Rowan behind the attacks on the Big Dog,
there seems to be beef between
Reigns and Murphy. On Twitter, the former Cruiser
weight Champion said he doesn’t
care who attacked Reigns, but said that he has no problem
stepping in the ring with him, though whether that match will
happen this Sunday at the biggest
party of the Summer, remains to be seen. Though Reigns currently isn’t
scheduled to compete at
Summerslam, one Superstar who is is Goldberg, as the former
Universal Champion hopes to
regain some credibility after his last
performance Meeting The Undertaker at Super
Show down in June, the two
legends couldn’t help but show their age, and though
Goldberg concussed himself
mere minutes into the match, he certainly got
his money’s worth. According to the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter, the deal
for the match in Jeddah against the Phenom was “well
into seven figures for the match”. Though the exact amount that
Goldberg earned is unclear, it
will have at least been $1 million for just one match, which
is more than he was paid for his first
contract in WWE in 2003. Whilst it’s not as much as the $3
million he was paid by WCW, that
contract required a year of matches from the Hall of
Famer, instead of just one
match. Knowing that Goldberg made over
$1 million in one night really puts
into perspective how much money the Saudi deal
has made WWE, but also shows
just how willing the company is, for their very top stars to return
and perform. With that in mind, we can only
imagine both Shawn Michaels
and the Undertaker were paid similarly high amounts when they
competed in the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia. Moving to AEW news now, and
though the war between the
new promotion and WWE continues to escalate,
it seems on this occassion, it is the McMahon led promotion
that has the advantage. Last month, the new company
revealed that their weekly show
will air on TNT on Wednesdays starting from October 2nd, which
will put AEW in direct competition
with NXT on the WWE Network. This fact hasn’t been lost on fans
or those in the company, as when
Triple H was asked about the developmental brand moving
following the SmackDown relaunch
on FOX later this year the Game was quick to set the
record straight. “It’s been on our Network on a
Wednesday time slot now forever,
and when other people announce a Wednesday, you don’t hear
about counter-programming.
You just hear the announcement. Continuing, the King of Kings
explained that to him and the WWE,
everything is counter programming, and though he didn’t mention All
Elite Wrestling by name, it’s obvious
who he was referring to. Though he started as just another
Superstar in 1995, Triple H has
risen to be one of the most powerful figures backstage
in WWE, and is expected to take
the reins of the entire product when Vince
McMahon is unable to continue. When asked about the prospect
of taking control from his
father in law, the Game joked that McMahon
will probably out live all of them,
though given that the boss’ mother is in her 90s
and still kicking, and his son Shane
is able to make death-defying leaps at age 49, it’s clear good genes
run in the McMahon family. Though he said Vince will probably
outlive them all, Helmsley admitted
that Vince is always looking out for someone
to take his place a similar attitude held by the
Game with NXT. He said: “You’re constantly looking for
people that can step up and take
things off your plate, so you can advance to something
different as well.” Whilst he’s no longer in WWE, Jon
Moxley couldn’t help but praise
the boss’ fitness claiming that McMahon will quote
“die in the chair” backstage in
the gorilla position indicating that though he is now
73 years old, Vince McMahon doesn’t have any plans to retire
any time soon. When asked about what the
company has planned for their
new FOX deal the 14-Time World Champion
couldn’t hide his confidence,
saying that WWE can do “just about anything” regarding the
placement of shows on the network
as it seems things are about to get a lot more interesting in WWE
when the blue brand moves to
it’s new home on Fox this October. We’re looking at the 24/7
Championship now, and though
the eleven time and reigning champion R-Truth
is kept busy by having to defend
the gold at all times, that doesn’t mean he isn’t going
to showcase his talents outside
of the ring. A long term rapper, the Truth recently
merged his two passions in a track for
Cardi B’s new track Bodak Yellow. Though the song may not be
everyone’s favourite jam, it
definitely takes on a certain extra appeal with
R-Truth rapping over it. During the song, Truth gives as
many references to his wrestling
career as possible, repeatedly bringing up his time
as 24/7 Champion as well as even giving a mention
to his old pal Little Jimmy This isn’t the first time Truth has
graced fans with a 24/7 themed
song, as the champ recently provided a pretty great cover of
‘Old Time Road’, all about the
green and yellow gold. In Bellator, Truth recently rapped
former WWE World Heavyweight
Champion Jack Swagger to the ring, as it seems that being
the most wanted man in WWE hasn’t stopped the 24/7 Champion
from dropping his rhymes. Backstage WWE news now, as the
company has decided to hire Pat
Buck as a backstage producer and though this isn’t
the biggest news story in the
world, it has certainly been huge for
one former Superstar. After the announcement was made
about Buck joining the company,
former WWE Superstar Ryabck showed his disapproval for the
decision, saying he wanted to
beat the you know what out of him. What’s strange is that Ryback and
Buck were once friends, with the
pair even hosting the former Intercontinental
Champion’s podcast ‘Conversations
with the Big Guy together and Buck even wrote the foreword
for Ryback’s self help book Feed
Me More. It’s clear though that this friendship
is a thing of the past, as Ryback
even warned Triple H and Vince McMahon to watch their
wallets around the new backstage
producer. Ryback, who made his return to
the main roster in 2012 after being
injured, was heavily pushed for his first year back, but despite
major matches against the likes
of CM Punk, Mark Henry and John Cena, never
captured the WWE Championship. The former Superstar didn’t stop
in his insults against the WWE’s
newest backstage producer claiming that Buck will be a short
term deal for the company and
though the Big Guy says he doesn’t hate WWE, it’s clear
that there are still some sore spots
left over from his departure in 2016. And finally today we’re ending with
some news from Summerslam, as
WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has confirmed that
the pay per view will host her
last ever match. In a tweet, the seven time Women’s
Champion confirmed that
regardless of the outcome her contest against Charlotte
Flair will be her final match so
it’s fitting that the Pay Per View will take
place in Stratus’ hometown of
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Though the story between Flair
and Stratus has been rushed, it
has made sense, as Flair is the only woman to have
more title reigns than Stratus, and
is hoping to cement her legacy as the greatest female
wrestler of all time Defeating the Hall of Famer in her
last very match would definitely
help Flair’s quest and the story has played off
several real life attitudes by fans,
including those who believe Flair has only had the career
she’s had because of her
last name. Regardless of whether Stratus
wins this Sunday, Trish has had
arguably the greatest career on any woman in wrestling, and it
seems fans should prepare for
one final epic performance by the former Women’s Champion
this Sunday in Toronto at
Summerslam. And finally today we wrap up with
stone cold steve austin news While doing an interview with The
Wrap to promote his new
television show, ‘Straight Up Steve Austin,’ that
will premiere next Monday night
right after WWE Raw on the USA Network, the WWE
Hall of Famer talked about
Kevin Owens. Austin was asked to grade Owens’
use of the ‘Stunner’. Obviously,
the pro wrestling legend is famously known for using it as
his finisher during his career
with WWE. Now, with WWE pushing Owens
in a similar spot as Austin in his
program with Shane McMahon the former Universal Champion
has switched to The Stunner
from the pop-up powerbomb. “I would give it a B+. I’m a huge
K.O. fan, but I’ve seen a couple of the deliveries that have
been a little off.” Austin continued, “He’s timing it
up and he’s coming up — he’s got a little bit of a different
finesse to it than I did. But I soon think he’ll achieve A
to A+ status if practice makes
perfect, and they gotta let him turn that
thing loose. I enjoy watching
him use it and I’m glad someone is using
it. And I’m glad it’s him.” Well guys , that’s the news for today
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  1. Triple H is so calm and invested. His work in NXT is amazing. So I wouldn't mind him taking over.

  2. I'm just basically wondering if the rumors were true that Vince McMahon was buying the FITE Network and what would happen to the independent wrestling promotions that uses the FITE Network to help their wrestling products.

  3. When Vince dies Stephenie is getting the company I’m sure so by default Triple H will have a bigger roll then he does now. And Stephenie and Triple H are more in touch with fans then Vince.

  4. Vince's doofus son in law won't make the company any better along with his idiotic daughter and the rest of his stupid family.

  5. All Triple H did was whore himself to Vince's ringrat daughter. Take that away and he's a nobody you might see invited back for a gimmick battle royal.

  6. Ill bet anyone here who wants to take the bet, that Vince leaves all his shares to his Wife/Steph/Shane when goes. people thinking Trip/Paul is getting part or all of the wwe are fucking crazy, but i could see Vince maybe giving Paul 5 or 10 percent out of pure generosity.

    Vince is a smart business man and i'm pretty sure Vince knows no matter how much trip says he loves Steph or even how long they stay together or any promises trip makes to Vince, trip only got with Steph for power, money, and to climb the ladder.

    if Vince left lets say 40 percent of the wwe to trip in his will, whats stopping trip from divorcing Steph, selling his shares in the wwe to some outsider who wants to take control of the wwe from the McMahon's after Vince's death , and there is the story of why Steph will always, And i mean Forever Where the pants in the wwe when it comes to trip..

  7. Triple H really needs to take over the reins. Let Heyman & Bischoff have total, & complete, creative control. Those guys know what they're doing. With all three of these guys working together, WWE will be unstoppable. Throw Stephanie in the mix & nobody will beat them. Bring back the blood, more swerves, meles, crazy times where the whole locker room gets involved. That always entertains me!

  8. Vince should get hit by every finisher from everyone that was misused on the main roster, and it should finish with Triple H pedigreeing Vince.

  9. Cannot see how WWE will be better off under HHH…..his massive ego and his pathetic useless wife and his kliq buddies will run rampant burying the roaster for no reason other than satisfying their fragile egos……

  10. Why are they spending money on old stars instead of building new ones this company has gone down the drain and hhh is garbage he always wants to win and that doesn’t grow the new stars it just makes us sick of him and Stephanie if he gets the company you think things are bad now just wait when it’s all about Stephanie and hhh every show garbage

  11. Well, if Roman doesn't have a match at SummerSlam…no one is gonna miss him. We've seen him enough already!

  12. Having the women's championship handed to you 9x while you on the main roster during a 4 year period due to your family ties. You won't be the greatest women's wrestler in WWE. For one thing, Charlotte will never lace up Chyna, Jacqueline, Lita, Ivory, Luna Vachon and Molly Holly's boots! She needs to put her ego in check and get her head out of her ass! No doubt she's a great wrestler but we all know she wouldn't have had the career she's had if she wasn't Ric Flair's daughter!

  13. I wish people would quit comparing AEW to WWE. Give them a year or so and let them get the kinks worked out and then compare the two.

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