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as often as I can so we got a lot to catch up on and on this episode we’re
discussing all the latest regarding aew major changes coming to its match car CM
Punk possibly doing some work related to WWE big news regarding Seth Rollins and
Becky Lynch the latest on NXT WWE looking to do some addition to it this
young man can really be stepping down from the WWE and March more but before
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round it up and let’s start off with some breaking news related to 8w as you
guys know next weekend we’re gonna be getting the aew or loud pay-per-view
featuring by far some of the most anticipated matches for the promotion
one of those being jon moxley versus kenny omega which unfortunately it was
just confirmed that it has been cancelled jon moxley announced that he
will not be able to compete at the event against kenny omega due to a serious
case of mrs a in his elbow he tweeted out the following i’m absolutely gutted
to have to deliver this new but i will rather it come directly from me in a
nightmare scenario a serious case of mrs a has returned in my elbow the timing
couldn’t be worse in the circumstances i am forced to pull out of the fight on a
31st vs. kenny omega i hola i apologize to involve more importantly defense i am
incredibly frustrated and pissed off you went on to indicate that he will have
surgery this week to remove the wonderful infection so that he could be
done with it for good should be a quick recovery so i will be 100% for aew
Wednesday night on TNT which means that we
are still probably gonna be getting Kenny omega versus jon moxley and it
could vary what happened on the first night that a debutante television and I
don’t know about you guys but that sounds like a hell of a main event he
still went on to encourage fans to tune into the event even though he’s not
gonna be in it he ended it off by stating that this effing sucks and it
does sucks but the good thing is that he fully healed up and then once it comes
to the television premiere hopefully we still get that match which is just gonna
be a month after the event so it’s not even that bad and as I mentioned it
might even turn out to be better because this could be a hell of a main event to
get people to tune in but we’re not done there just yet because thirty minutes
after this match was canceled ATW came up with a quick replacement as they
announced that we’re gonna be getting back formerly known as never in the WWE
to take on Kenny Omega so if we had any doubt whether or not PAC was going to be
a part of the aew roster then there is no more doubt anymore this is the aw
biggest event before heading into the television debut so everybody in is
going to shine this is gonna be an amazing match and as I even said on
Twitter which by the way you guys could follow me out it’s macho t he W that was
a hell of a replacement you came up with a solution to a problem in under 30
minutes I wish real life was that easy well I’m
sure they’ve been planning it cuz there been rumors of Dean Ambrose being
injured for a week or so but nonetheless PAC vs. Kenny Omega got me just as
excited moving into some other news and we’re gonna go ahead and talk CM Punk
because at least once a month we got to make sure what the best in the world is
up to and the latest is a very interesting one concerning WWE more
specifically Fox Network reports from wrestling Inc indicate that an agency
representing both CM Punk and WWE recently reached out to Fox officials
about CM Punk possibly doing work with WWE once again Creative Artists Agency
which represents WWE and CM Punk recently had an agent reach out to Fox
higher-ups about having Punk serve as one of the co-hosts of the upcoming WWE
in studio talk show fs1 or according to the Wrestling
Observer Punk will be working for Fox not WWE if a deal was to be reached
reports indicated that if this deal was to be reached
WWE will hate the idea but the overall word is that there has been zero
negotiations regarding punk possibly taking the gig this is just the agency
reaching out instead of CM Punk doing it himself and it’s probably something that
he doesn’t even want himself all of this reports is of course in its early stages
so I’ll keep you guys up to date but if anything of this were to happen this WWE
fs1 is studio show might be one to turn in every single week if you got somebody
like CM Punk on our panel and we know the history with him in the WWE he could
be the ultimate anti WWE panelists that can leave him closer to any in return in
the near future a big takeaway from all of this it’s also the fact that Fox
seems to be going really hard to make this in studio show is stand down as we
continue to hear them reach out to major names to be part of it whether it is a
UFC legends and curing superstars and so on again guys all of this is just early
reports so I’ll keep you up to date on it as we hear more and I’m sure we will
get more because we are just over a month away from SmackDown debuted on Fox
and that fs1 talk show should be debuting as well until some other news
in some quick congratulation ourself Rollins and Becky Lynch are officially
engaged we first heard her from Becky Lynch and she confirmed it on Twitter
then saffron is so big congratulation to them the pro wrestling world was
reacting to a big time and they get a lot of congratulation from other
superstars on Legends in the roster so the man is marrying the man moving into
some other news a hot topic of discussion this week is of course that
NXT is gonna be moving to the USA Network in the middle of September all
of this has caused quite the reaction and mostly negative ones so I wanted to
shine light on some of the positive reports they’ve been making the rounds
so first off according to a report from Pro Wrestling XI and X E will not be
changing following the move to the USA Network there’s a great fear on the
Internet things will be changing and nxc now that
the black and yellow brand has landed a TV deal which is a deal speculated to be
over sixty million dollars pro wrestling sheet sources have indicated that
despite speculation the current plan is for NXT to remain as the same show it’s
been four years and I’m moving to the USA Network was only done to get more
eyes on the product basically if you are worried about losing the worker a heavy
product that’s been spearheaded by Triple H for years don’t be as he is
expected to still be in charge and be at the top of the helm the concern here
though is with Vince McMahon because we know with this product being on the USA
Network as soon as he sees or feel that something is not working he’s gonna try
to make it like roar Smackdown to get that audience come over to the Wednesday
nights and that is basically when nxc might lose its special aspect to it but
there’s a bit more gear news as we reported early on this week this
movement was not a roar Smackdown live TV taping and his absence was explained
as being tied to the accent foul related meetings that he needed to be pressing
in with that league ramping up activities it seems that more time away
may be coming for Vince McMahon / multiple reports appears that depending
on how the NHC USA and Smackdown Fox transition go visit man is prepared to
step away from Raw and SmackDown even though he doesn’t want to and even
though it might be on temporary basis with some new head men in charge and
recent shows starting to look much improved there’s reason to hope that
Vincent Minh does take his time off and see what Heyman Bischoff and Triple H
can do in his absence in the shows that they’re in charge of all of this is
certainly promising of course we can’t get exactly what we want this McMahon is
not fully gonna be gone but him stepping away more often sounds promising onto
some other news regarding annex C so we know that they’re getting an amazing
amount of money just to be live every single week for two hours and now new
reports from reservoir to indicate that WWE is looking to add an extra take over
its states that adding a sixth takeover
event is a real possibility in 2020 or depending on how the USA Network numbers
look the current takeover schedule of January WrestleMania weekend June August
and November makes a finding a tiny slot for a six show a bit difficult but we
know that WWE can of course do it this year NXT takeover 25 in June was the
first ever standalone takeover event and it was aces test so WWE could definitely
do it any weekend that they want they don’t need to have it during one of the
big WWE pay-per-views so I definitely see this happening anyways guys that is
what I got for you in this roundup episode if you enjoyed and forget to
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another pro wrestling coverage and if you want to continue the discussion join
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66 Replies to “WWE NOT HAPPY w/ POSSIBLE RETURN?! Vince Really STEPPING DOWN, Jon Moxley REPLACED – The Round Up”

  1. if any thing can save wwe now is attitude era and stop making wwe a kids friendly cartoon channel characters now these days in wwe can make you laugh insted of thrilling you if you guys dont change your child friendly donald duck attitude then your time is up

  2. I hope CM Punk do the FS1 WWE talk show I will tune in to see CM Punk, and maybe later on he will return full time to the WWE. I just want CM Punk and WWE to squash there beef and CM Punk to return to WWE.

  3. Let’s get this man to 100,000 subscribers already, I feel like he has been saying he’s on the road to 100k for like a year 😭

  4. PAC vs Omega will be a great match, I am sad that Moxley is out still but hopefully he will be good to go soon and won’t have to relinquish his IWGP US Title

  5. Vince has been saying that he was going to step down to take control of his XFL for months now, but his actions as of late seem to tell a different story with him changing scripts just minutes to hours before Raw and Smackdown.

  6. Shapermint ads? 🤣🤣🤣 LMFAO LOL! I can't believe they are tucking their fat into some rubber spandex under their clothes to hide their HUGE rolls!

  7. Pac and Omega was gonna happen before but I heard Pac didn't want to do the job to Omega because he thought it would hurt the credibility of another promotions championship that he held at that time.

  8. Kenny is already booked with the bucks vs jericho and 2 mystery opp on Oct 2nd in DC. So kenny vs jon can't happen then

  9. No matter what you or anyone says in this, Vince will be getting involved in NXT, Just w/ it being on USA, He's going to want to have a say in what is presented & probably a final say also. Vince can't help himself, as in his mind No one can provide a better TV Poduct than him.Remember this is the show that will be representing WWE, in a war against a brand that threaten's him. Vince will make time to get his say in this.Anyone who believes that he will be totally out of the picture, doesn't know Him, very well. Good Luck, NXT & HHH, Your going to need it.

  10. Fox won’t do anything with our WWE agreeing with it cause it’s going to be apart of The Smackdown deal so to say WWE isn’t happy is fake

    Cause the company dealing with. It won’t handle it unless both party’s are happy cause there is a conflict of interest in it

  11. Please keep triple h in charge of nxt because Vince will ruin it so now that nxt is going live I'm hoping they will have 1 ppv a month like raw and smackdown

  12. good info
    lmao forgot nevile/pac was even gone from wwe and quit
    didnt go to twitch impact zone🤣
    i wont be surpised if enzo/cass show up in AEW ….and u cant teach that!
    XFL will be surpised if it last long then last time
    NXT should do tours and not stay at 1 place unless its 1 of the big PPVS
    even if its small house shows

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