Today we present you WWE Stomping
Grounds 2019 Main event nightmare and 4 Botches you may have missed WWE Stomping Grounds is in the
history books and it seems the show was pretty decent overall. A fast-paced night of action, the
show saw both the United States and Cruiserweight titles change
hands in the show, with Ricochet and Drew Gulak having the best
nights of their WWE careers. Toppling Samoa Joe with his 630,
Ricochet’s win was great to see, and was a huge change on the
main roster. After the match, Ricochet was
greeted backstage by the likes of Triple H, Seth Rollins, Curt
Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Carmella and Charlotte Flair, who all
congratulated the new champion though it’s the actions of one more
star that has everyone talking. During a photoshoot as the new
United States Champion, Ricochet was confronted by AJ Styles, flanked
by Gallows and Anderson, who told the high flyer he’ll see
him tonight on RAW. Styles is already a former two time
United States Champion, and could be eyeing up his third reign with the
Red, White and Blue title, though the pair will meet in non-title
action tonight. Drew Gulak also had a great night for
himself at Stomping Grounds, as 205 Live kicked off the night on the
pre-show by becoming the new
Cruiserweight Champion. Meeting Akira Tozawa and now former
champion Tony Nese, Gulak got the pinfall on Tozawa, something Nese
won’t be pleased about. The fact that Nese wasn’t pinned to
lose his title could set up a feud between the former and new champion, which could deliver some epic
matches on the purple brand. With these smaller, faster Superstars
picking up huge wins last night, it it seems a change is coming to WWE
programming, If it hasn’t come already. Though these two matches both saw
huge title wins, one Superstar who was able to retain their gold was
Universal Champion Seth Rollins, who was able to keep hold of his
title against Baron Corbin and special guest referee
Lacey Evans. Despite a war with the former RAW
General Manager and some effective storytelling given Evans’ beef with
Rollins’ real-life girlfriend Becky Lynch, fans were having none of it,
lambasting the entire match with a series of chants. Chanting ‘this is stupid’ to Evans
being in the match, even though she probably made the most sense
as referee was one thing, but the crowd started chanting AEW,
Boring, Moxley and a Lets Go Cena/Cena sucks chant really
brought the match down. This isn’t the first time that fans
have tried to take over a Rollins
main event as they did similar trolling during
last year’s Iron-Man match against Dolph Ziggler at Extreme
Rules, and it is interesting to see how much fans will sabotage a match
of someone they claim to like. Booing Evans anytime she was
on-screen, the former US Marine was anything but impartial, constantly
changing the match to cater to Corbin’s needs and even
delivering a low-blow on the Architect. Things did start to turn around though
when Becky Lynch showed up and attacked the Southern Belle,
giving her man enough time to drop Corbin with a curb stomp and
to get a pinfall victory thanks to a real referee. Post-match, Rollins and The Man
stood tall, the clearest reference to their shoot relationship on WWE
TV, and the RAW Women’s Champion sent out the following tweet
explaining her actions. “You can slow count, you can slap
him in the face, but if you nutshot him then expect an ass whooping.” A great ending to a mixed main event,
it’ll be interesting to see what WWE have in store for their hottest power
couple tonight on RAW. Though Stomping Ground had some
epic matches and ended with arguably the two most popular
Superstars today standing tall the show wasn’t exactly perfect. During the night, there were some
botches along the way and though some were more obvious than others,
there are some you may have missed. Here are 4 botches you may have
missed at the show: 4: Cruiserweight mishaps Though Drew Gulak is the new WWE
Cruiserweight Champion, this huge title win did not come easy. With the 205 Live bout once again
relegated to the kick off show, all three men involved gave their
all to capture the title, and prove why the purple brand
belonged on the main card. An excellent match, the contest
saw just one major botch, when Akira Tozawa fell off the
apron, even though it was obvious he was meant to
stay there to be rolled up. Rolling up Nese, Tozawa nearly
had the match won, as Gulak was late to break up the pin, meaning
Tozawa nearly accidentally won the
match and the title. Though all three men went in trying
to prove why 205 Live doesn’t belong on the pre-show, botches like this,
and a new champion almost being accidentally crowned,
won’t help the Purple brand’s chances of making it to the main
card anytime soon. 3: Lacey Evans Vs. Becky Lynch Becky Lynch may have main
evented WrestleMania 35 against
Ronda Rousey and Charlotte
Flair, but last night, it was The Man’s job to set the
tone for the night in the show’s opener against her nemesis
Lacey Evans. Though the Southern Belle put
up a good fight throughout the match, it became clear that the
wheels came off at some point during the match,
and Lynch was forced to call much of the action as it happened. The Man has become known for
calling spots loudly, but tonight it was extra noticeable, at one
point demanding a back elbow before the next
manoeuvre. At one moment during the match,
all the former US Marine had to do was walk into a kick from the
second rope, though there was far too big a gap when Lynch
delivered the move, meaning the Man was forced to climb the
ropes and try again. An awkward match, this definitely
wasn’t the way to start the show, and though both women would play
much bigger roles later on, there’s no salvaging this
opening contest. 2: Tucker’s Moonsault At Stomping Grounds, Tucker and
Otis were given their first opportunity at championship gold on the
main roster, when they compete for the
SmackDown tag team titles. Taking on Daniel Bryan and Erick
Rowan, the former NXT tag team certainly stepped their game up in
their quest to become the new
champs, but there was one painfully awkward
moment during the match. When Tucker headed to the top
rope to deliver a Moonsault on Bryan, the colossal star missed
his cue,and even though the YES! Man rolled out of the way to dodge
the manoeuvre, Tucker still managed to kick the former World Champion
on the back of his legs, so the move wasn’t a total waste. Luckily, Bryan was able to recover
and continue the match, as the small botch was easily covered
by both stars, and will have been completely
missed by many fans. 1: Ricochet’s interesting night Though he has held gold in
promotions like Ring of Hour,
New Japan, Dragon Gate and NXT, Ricochet
had never held a championship on WWE’s main
roster, until last night. After qualifying for the bout on
the past week’s RAW against 4 of RAW’s very best, the Aerial
Assailant made the most of his opportunity, toppling Samoa
Joe to win the United States title. Levelling the Samoan Submission
Machine with his 630 finisher, the match was epic, but did have it’s fair
share of botches along the way. The problems for Ricochet started
the moment he came into the ring as the former NXT star slipped on
his own attire during his entrance, and though fans are often told
about how graceful and quick on his feet Ricochet is, this didn’t
exactly help his image Shortly after, the new champ would
land on his knees when hit with a clothesline that should’ve knocked
Ricochet flat on his back. clothesline that should’ve knocked
Ricochet flat on his back. Despite these botches, the match
was still an epic encounter, as as Ricochet started his first US
title reign, in a match many fans have
considered the best of the night. Back to WWE now and Stephanie
McMahon has held her own against
reporters accosting her at the airport,
and for once it’s not TMZ. Instead it was WrestlingNews.co who
caught up with the company’s Chief
Brand Officer while she was headed
for her ride and signing autographs
for nearby fans. Whilst the majority of questions were predictable, McMahon was thrown a
curveball with a question about AEW,
but handled it like a pro. When asked if the new promotion
founded by Cody and the Young
Bucks was competition to the WWE,
McMahon went on the record saying. “You know, I think it’s going to force
everybody to be the best that they can.” It may have been a cliché answer, but McMahon definitely made the right call,
as avoiding the question would’ve had fans speculating the company’s
running scared, and now Stephanie
can focus on how to improve the WWE
alongside her father Vince and real-life
husband Triple H. Well guys that’s our list,let us know your
thoughts on WWE Stomping Grounds
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  1. Everything other than the very predictable Main Event, was good. The show surprised me and the highlight of the show was Ricochet winning the US Title.

  2. The main event was definitely great Baron Corbin choose Lacey Evans to be the special guest referee then Seth Rollins stare at her face and she say get out of my face then started to low blow Seth Rollins and here come the man Becky Lynch save Seth and beat the heck out of Lacey and Baron Corbin plan never worked it always failed Seth Rollins superkick him and curb stomp and still the wwe universal Champion Baron Corbin special guest referee didn't even work out he's should just give up already

  3. Ricochet deserve to be united State Champion what you can inspect and I knew Samoa Joe was gonna lose his United States Champion seeing Ricochet as United States Champion fit perfect for him

  4. It seems like a scandal is part of WWE's Masonic hazing.
    Paige's leaked sextapes > was 'manager' shortly after.
    Then Ricochet๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Samoa Joe is just too good to be treated like this. When Baron mid card is always in the main event.

  6. Lacey Evans like Nia Jax was called up too early, she was constantly out of position and that caused a 17 year veteran to get annoyed. Daniel Bryan didn't take into account Tucker's weight meaning he would land quicker than a smaller wrestler doing a moonsault, the heavier you are the faster you fall

  7. Last thing i watched (WWE related) was Mania. Everything else is pretty much uninteresting, and unwatchable. ๐Ÿ™

  8. That music was terrible we could consider that a botch.. we like Botches what's the wrestling look real stop giving crap to performers

  9. The juxtaposition of the two hyper-enthusiastic, bodypainted Toronto Raptors fans, looking beyond jazzed to be there, and the elderly woman, seemingly wishing she were anywhere else, gave me the giggles.

  10. lacey evans should take her fran drescher, cheap military ho having ass back to the local army base. she sucks ass as a wrestler.

  11. Nobody else seem lady Evans trip and almost fall as she walked to the ring lol ๐Ÿ˜‚. Tripped on the Mats outside.

  12. Stomping Grounds was a lot better than people including myself thought it would be. Ricohet winning the U.S. Championship was awesome and am looking forward to how that goes. 8:17 Stephanie McMahon looks so great ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  13. Giving tickets away at the mall and two 4 one pricing was horrible lol not to mention bringing fans from upper deck to lower deck is sad

  14. Ricochet was spinning out of the clothesline to land ofn his feet but landeded on his knees, theresw absolutely no way he would miss a flat back bump.

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