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  1. “Other not so great” The Wolverine is one of them
    Hold the damn phone, The Wolverine had a deleted scene with him opening up a case of the original yellow and blue costume he got from the girl as a gift.

  2. "The X-Men are hardly children anymore. They've each proven themselves a hundred times in deadly combat. It's time they looked more like individuals, not products of an assembly line."
    Professor X, Uncanny X-Men #39

  3. Man hearing how restricted the X-MEN cast felt in there suits explains why their body movement was off during some of the wired stunts.

  4. Of course Bryan Singer likes leather suits, he likes to have sex with little boys, what did you expect

  5. I sorta dislike. the X-Men being related to gay pride because then it seems like I'm not allowed to enjoy it as a straight white male.
    To me the X-Men hold the same purpose as Spider-Man; to say hey I understand, but with the X-Men its a whole team instead of one man.
    Just speculation but I'm sort of tired if being told the the X-Men is a metaphor for gay pride because then becomes less inclusive. I have nothing against gays, but its just less inclusive.

  6. I think the purpose of the the costume design with Singer's first X-Men film was to try to appeal to as big an audience as possible. Superhero movies where not nearly as ubiquitous or accepted at the time, so upon seeing trailers for the X-Men movie with costumes that looked "outlandish" or "over the top" to the standard movie-going public of the time could have been a very real death sentence for the film as well as comic book movies as a whole. I think the changes made were beneficial to the comic book movie genre to make it more accepted with mainstream audiences—not viewed as gimmicky or geared toward children, but more serious–as it is now. Progress often comes in steps not leaps.

  7. Thank u stan lee for making the xmen my favorite franchise u ever made since I was 5 to today rip Stan lee

  8. I would like to help you with subtitles in Spanish… I want to show this to my parents but they can’t understand it…

  9. I honestly think that good super Hero movies are yet to come in the 3rd or 4rth wave of movies.

    Marvel did some ok ones, and that great DeadPool that was more thanks to the actor's behind scenes (My respects You are the one human who deserved the duty of representing Mr Pool And you Nailed it.)

    And DC- OK! We All know you make great falling buildings scenes, how bout something to think , to reflect you know? (Course, Mr. Bateman did an awesome job, his Alfred was perfect & Mr. Leather also mastered at his great achievements of mankind)

    But like, SUPERMAN: why did you spent all the movie budget on roids in his ass? the real villan is him who must have killed one hundret people from demolition
    Any other movie is nothing but a bunch of scenes in green n cables.
    I know my generation love this and they all recriminate me for hating avengers, but i really do..

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