22 Replies to “Yale Halloween Costume Controversy (Nicholas Christakis Pt. 1)”

  1. I don't get it…he just opined that yale students don't need to be spoon-fed a list of costume do's and don'ts. so. the. fuck. what.

  2. This douchebag missed a chance to put those students down and showed himself to be a cuckolded ponce. Suppression is absolutely necessary when entitled little snots work each other into a frenzy. It's sad that this groveling loser is still provided a platform to spread his invertebrate mollusk slime around the planet. Two thumbs down! Go read a Heather MacDonald book.

  3. Did you have fun with your little Chinese communist struggle session? That mouthy bitch was over the top abusive and would fit into Mao's Cultural Revolution just fine. Just think Nic, your high minded tea and crumpet colleagues at Yale wrote her a fantastic recommendation for grad school.

  4. When you talk to someone to come to a reasonable dialogue Do not put your finger in the next persons face. But you can't tell this generation anything these days.

  5. Did this guy apologize for being part of the problem. He went along with the program for years. This goes for Weinstein as well

  6. We don’t have a common humanity. Certain people evolved with no conscience.. And people with no conscience are all about power, and are predators. “ People with a conscience and people without a conscience do not have a common humanity.” I think you did great. There is NOTHING you could have done better.

  7. That student who was screaming "you are disgusting" at the professor should have been punished. She is displaying and acting like a completely belligerent interlocutor and showed the inability to produce a coherent argument. All we saw was insults and ad hominums and INSULTS are not arguments, or at least productive ones. Mob behavior or not that 'student' acted out of control and mob actions are a terrible excuse.

  8. What is with all this fucking snapping? Good god! I'd like to get my mitts on the Infinity Gauntlet, snap my finger, and make all of these SJW shitheads disappear.

  9. He seems confused why his progressive teachings do not lead students to common sense actions…Valuing emotion over logic will lead to the death of honest emotion.

  10. He deserve what he got and more. He is a lefty and he invited these problems. Reap what you sow jerk.

  11. This is frustrating to watch. He's so determined to be intellectual and civil that he often ends up saying nothing at all.

  12. I wish I was on that campus. I woulda reverse PC principaled that bitch. Amazes me that so many people can allow that girl to be such a cunt to someone over a topic she can barely grasp. I see a lot of guys in that crowd, but unfortunately no balls.

  13. I read both emails and the glaring take away I had was "Geeze, these emails are ridiculously long." The points could have been made with a simple sentence "Please have fun and be mindful to choose appropriate costumes." and his wife to just respond – "we know you are adults and will exercise good judgement." What a silly silly event.

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