26 Replies to “Yarn and fabric haul”

  1. Hi Scraptastic. 'Tis Mary here from Wow! Crochet. You made my day πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ We could be sisters 🀣. We're at least sisters in crochet 😊 thanks for coming over and checking out my channel. I'm now subscribed to you and your lovely channel πŸ‘β€

  2. I wish they had place down here in Harrisburg I be there all the time. save money and the yarn is like new. you got good deal there.

  3. Always choose kindness… love how you use this as your closing Jane. I have a shirt that says β€œIn A World Where You Can Be Anything…Be Kind”. Words to live by for sure! πŸ˜‰

  4. I need a place like thatπŸ˜€ I am originally from PA westmoreland County. Worked the gas wells up indoor area. Now I live on deer island new Brunswick canada

  5. Love the fabric…..think i will have to check my walmart again. Did find some 50 cent Waverly fat quarters !last week.

  6. Hello yarn sister Jane. What a nice thing, recycling your scraps. We don't have a type of store around here. Awesome, it seems like a nice store.

  7. hi Jane I see your shirt is turned the correct way, when I record my words are backward can you please HELP me, would really appreciate it, may God bless

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