37 Replies to “YG Talks Fake Love Surrounding Nipsey Hussle's Passing, New Album, Hollywood, Clothing Line + More”

  1. What y’all expect he’s sitting in the same chair nipsey was saying too much that added to the numbness “they might kill u if u know too much” “exactly “ how ironic Charlemagne said that…

  2. Yes im sure he's still dealing with the death of NIPSEY Everyone grieves differently..Y'all don't know how he's feeling so stop with the b.s … This man has lost other friends NIPSEY isn't the only homie he lost🤦🏾‍♀️ And yall don't know how he's feeling or his mindset.. I don't see how or why so many people are commenting that he's hurting or grieving..

  3. If taquila is what made him sound like he's constantly asleep…. I don't want nothing to do with that drink SMH
    P.S – did he just say "My daughter is dropping in July" like her birth is a new single release?? SMH #2

  4. Envy tells YG to ease up on tha curse words.. YG just continues cursing throughout da interview tho lol

  5. SO ooooooo I guess YoUzze GUYzzz had "idol" TIME🙄on Ya hands 🤔👀🕕 Blessings 👻The Specialist 😇

  6. I love that everyone is talking about mental health in all communities and all genders now. We can help each other.

  7. 11:50 to 12:04 they'll kill you if you know too much they ended nips life because he knew too much FBI was all over that shit

  8. Yall gotta come through with better questions for YG next time @TheBreakFastClub "do u get exited"🤦‍♂️

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