19 Replies to “YogaClub Unboxing July 2017 "Womens Subscription Box" Workout Attire”

  1. Hi Elizabeth Elias my name is Elisabeth Elias with an s just like yours and I was also born on September 4th I was so surprised when I found out we’re like twins

  2. Liz you are so amazing <3 You are so amazing and you have a voice of an Angel <3 Every time I hear you sing I'm so happy and so I'm feeling amazing <3

  3. Hi Elizabeth I love you so much and my sister is Merisa Meri we love you so much I live in Bosnia and Hercegovina but I know lot of english

  4. Love you Liz so much! You should do a video of every witch way bloopers or a trivia of the show or you talking about your fav moments or episodes from the show. The pants are so cool and love the shirt and bra it's a great outfit. Love your style your stylish girl. I hope to meet you someday. Hope you had a great 4th of July! Your so cool! Love your necklaces you are wearing and ur nails look great. Love your eyes they are so pretty and ur hair and makeup.

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