If your appendix feels like it’s screaming at all the other organs inside your stomach that’s normal, right Hi, my name is Grace Helbig, if you did not know, now you know, your life is different now. It is October That was a sentence that almost didn’t get to the end is October the end of October is Halloween Halloween is Dress-up time for children and adults all you have to be creeps and pervs Halloween is a great holiday to see people’s true colors People dress up as what you could only assume they either think or want the world to see them as. Lots of people are youtubers slash want to be youtubers these days So I thought I’d give you some inspiration. Here are five youtuber Halloween costumes that only require five Items for each costume. Costume number one. First of all I couldn’t be doing more of a Halloween costume my self. Hair and makeup fully done Sweatpants fully loaded. I didn’t my sh*t my pants, they’re just on and ready to go. For the first costume you’re gonna need some sort of vintage rock t-shirt of a band you likely really do listen to. A bright red lip a sassy Red wig with bangs, a martini shaker and a tiny judgey hairless dog with its tongue always out and wallah you are Mamrie Hart That’s number two: For this costume you’re gonna need toy-t muscles, a toy-t sick tank top That’s likely your own merch, a toy-t 7 shaggy blond-hairdo with a toy-t bandana, a toy-t stick a** lit savage bird and yeellliingg. Ahhh whooo And you’ve become Logan Paul Costume number 3: for this costume you need a dark t-shirt Shaggy brown hair do with some sort of dark hat, a camera at all times And a constantly strained relationship with your friends and loved ones based on a seemingly endless amount of fear and lies and ta-da David Dobrik. Costume number 4: For this one you need a crisp white polo buttoned all the way up, a long platinum Nordic looking wig, an arbitrary prop And I’m dead behind the eyes facial expression and some sort of irreverently morbid philosophical question Do you think animals want to kill themselves? The way humans want to kill themselves. And look at you your Poppy. Wow And costume number five a generic male hoodie or sweater a curly brown wig a pair purposely distressed Ray-Bans some sort of electrically charged mode of transportation And the seemingly disgruntled loved one who doesn’t really want to be in the shot. Let’s talk about gun control tada you are Casey Neistat Thank oh there are five youtuber Halloween costume ideas Let me know if you guys choose any of them and I might make more of this sort of video So let me know in the comments down below, which youtuber I should make a Halloween costume out of that sounds very Hannibal Lecter What do you call a torturous college class? A Hannibal Lecter. I’ll see myself out. Don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel and click that little Bell notification So you can get notified when I upload videos because sometimes they happen And you don’t get notified and then sometimes they don’t happen, and you don’t get notified so may as well get notified I make videos Monday Wednesday and Friday in theory other than that. I don’t know I get why he’s so confident This feels great. I mean did I even need the wig This is not that the right way to do this It’s not worth it. It’s not worth

100 Replies to “YOUTUBER HALLOWEEN COSTUMES // Grace Helbig”

  1. I was hoping the blond wig was going to be grace being grace, because I love me some meta inception style irreverence.

  2. Lilly Singh aka IIsuperwomanII

    Long black-ish wig

    Low crotch pants

    A tank top(most likely with a singer’s picture)

    A flannel shirt tied around the waist under the shirt.

    High top shoes

    And a flat- bill SnapBack hat.

  3. "People dress up as what they want people to think or see them as…."
    Gonna be Sadness from Inside Out for Halloween

  4. Ethan Klein: A beanie or a dad hat, a patchy beard, socks with sandals, and a vape.
    Hila Klein: A beanie or a dad hat, a shoulder length dark brown wig, mom jeans, a vintage t-shirt from the 90's, and an Adidas jacket.

  5. No it would have been worth it…….it would have been cool. Too bad she didn't complete the trademark Mamrie Hart smile

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