Youtube's Wolf in Sheep's Clothing | The Rewired Soul & Repzilla Part 2

Youtube's Wolf in Sheep's Clothing | The Rewired Soul & Repzilla Part 2

you tell a lot about a person by what they get upset with so uh I hate you I absolutely hate you you are ruining my life previously did not know that her mental health was not well enough to do that interview if you don't know who reps a list don't worry he gets his own video in part two if this is how it's gonna be I'm not sure that I'm gonna like that welcome this is part two if you haven't seen part one go watch it or don't honestly have my videos are devadutt eyes so it doesn't really affect me but if you want the full story go check it out now this video is going to be on the brilliant Rebs illa and I'd like to add right after part one was released RevZilla instantly made a response video he made a tweet questioning why I'd make a video on him even though he D having me all the reasons why he cleared all his messages on his discourse server and he even reached out to some of my sources that he hasn't talked to in months for someone who is always so innocent he sure is acting guilty now this video is going to cover RevZilla involvement with the real art soul and many many other things that i've discovered along the way also i hope it's gonna show his true character since part one RevZilla fans have flooded my DMS and videos asking why would you make a video on RevZilla he's so nice what else ella ever done to you you're a terrible human for making a video on RevZilla what do you even try to do with this video he put a positive community right it's actually quite simple what I want to do with this video I want to destroy rep zilla's persona I am nice to every single person that reaches out to me if somebody wants to call me their friend that's awesome I'm aware that may have sounded a bit evil I'll explain myself but first we have to start small who is represent our did I meet him so my first ever interaction with RevZilla is when one of his videos came into my recommended feed of him defending the rewards soul against Trisha Paytas after she said once a drug addict always a drug addict when I watched the video I could tell it was a pretty biased which kind of threw me off because I didn't understand why a person would be so biased in such a simple video he's since deleted the video so you can't go see for yourself unfortunately but after watching the video I decided to leave a comment as to why I thought the real her soul wasn't doing any good the gist of my comment was the real or sole purchase mental health but he puts people's mental health down so what's that about you know also just letting you guys know I have a Google Drive of all the proof used in this video plus hundreds of stuff I did not use there's going to be a link to that in the description and you guys are free to use any proof the drive for anything go make a video go I don't know do whatever you want with it I don't care the reward sold responded to my comment very manipulatively I learned a lot more about you from this post and that's too bad man love him and that's when I realized I needed to look more into Chris and decided to make my video on him flash forward after my video was made on Chris and started gaining some traction I received a DM former Zilla and this was my first real interaction with the guy he said I was wrong with my video I was young and lacked research and then I should apologize for my video and not my first thought when I saw this was why is this hot topic cowboy guy asking me to apologize for a video not even on him right why is he once again defending this guy he claims he has no bias towards doesn't make sense we went back and forth in the DMS about some of the details of my video once again all the dm's are in the Google Drive if you want to take a look he told me I shouldn't be negative it cloud my mind and he follows the universe alright ok I told him my judgment is it clouded Chris was a scummy guy I'm a Taurus boy we stubborn people aren't scummy just unaware I disagree how's that working out for you pretty good rip Zilla not gonna lie at one point I even asked if he was on drugs because I had no clue who this guy was why he was defending Chris so much or why he's telling me fouled the universe it wasn't making any sense to me later after these DMS his video on me in defense of Chris came out the video had the same plot that the Ruhr Souls video on me had they both tried to portray me as a young kid that didn't do my research and Chris was an amazing guy he deleted the video and unfortunately I didn't save a copy I honestly didn't expect him to delete this video but when I did watch the video it all clicked together for me because both of the videos made a lot of the same points and arguments they all were talking about the same stuff both Chris and rep Silas videos were very similar so I realized in my head I was like oh they must be friends right this is why RevZilla was defended him so much this is the 4th video I found of him defending him so I was like yeah they're just close friends protecting each other which I understood I didn't agree with it because defending a friend if you know they're doing something a bit gross is questionable but I understood it defending a friend I get it so I just left it at that flash-forward again to when all the videos were coming out exposing the rewired soul people started calling represent out for his bias and his defense videos of Chris and they were accusing him of doing no research and that was when I was tagged in a tweet I'm looking forward to seeing your opinion after defending him when Primack did his video I'm dying to see what you have to say after so much has been exposed I did not defend him przemek was acting questionable so I talked about it they were arguing in my comments of my own video and this is when I began to lose all self-control this guy RevZilla who at this point I still barely knew he made for videos blatantly defending the real words soul but now he was acting like he didn't know him and I'm the one at fault I'm this malicious person at this point in time I was kind of over the situation Chris was being exposed for everything and I was honestly doing great I was gonna have my video come out but at this point I was debating it so I was just chilling you know having a good time I'm just relaxing but RevZilla continued to try to paint a picture that I was this evil person destroying the rewired Souls career because we disagreed in some comments and I'm sorry but I'm not gonna just sit there let someone paint me like that because it's not true I'm an alternative news type Channel I only want to inform people to flash drama / conspiracy soon after this Twitter exchange RevZilla released his next video in defense of the real red soul and in all honesty this video is one of the grossest things I've seen in a while alright we're gonna be talking about the rewired soul aka Chris bootay I cannot tell you how many people have been asking me my opinion about this but before we get into that I do want to clarify a couple things I'm not biased I don't really know Chris I know we're only ten seconds in but Christopher upsala were openly friendly with each other for quite a while I found 17 instances just in the last three months of them cross-promoting on twitter RevZilla and Chris were plug in each other's videos and their descriptions RevZilla helped make a thumbnail for Chris but since the real words soul started receiving backlash RevZilla has pretended Chris was a guy he only barely knew and he's trying desperately to not associate with Chris but you were a friend what are you talking about you want to fund the guy in four videos that you don't know I can't be any more clear than that it is it is offensive that someone would insinuate that I have a bias towards somebody I mean don't get me wrong Chris has reached out to me and he's the most kindest person that I've ever talked to he's just he's a good guy in general speaking about his character he's a good guy with great intentions his content transparency I don't watch it it's just not my cup of tea and now he just said he doesn't watch Chris's content he also said this on Twitter too but he deleted that he basically deleted everything that tied him to Chris he wanted to get rid of everything that proved he was in fact close with Chris so RevZilla is a commentary such drama channel right and one of the things he stresses is good research it's his main objective but he just said he doesn't watch the content of a guy he just made for videos defending any one of those videos his main point was that I don't do my research I could end this video right here cue the outro we're done but I was wrong as a creator that has the influence that rep Zilla has 100,000 people are subscribed to him you have the power to sway people's opinions whether you believe it or not when you made your video defending Chris against Trisha you inherently set hate towards Trisha and love towards Chris when you made a video about me you sent hate towards me and love towards Chris rather you want to believe it or not that's what you did and as a creator with that power you have the responsibility to make sure you do your research and make sure what you are saying is true you just admitted you don't watch or barely know a guy you defended in four videos that's not a minor mistake if RevZilla is truly this naive of a person which I don't buy this oh I don't know what's happening I what's going on who's Chris I don't know what I didn't defend him I just helping someone out I don't buy that act for a second and I plan to prove that acts fake but if someone is genuinely this naive that they defended someone they did no research on for four videos because they were nice to me then you frankly do not deserve a platform where you have the power to sway opinions go back to making gaming videos whether it's insulin my name's Rosalie and we are playing the culling this is the first time I've ever played this game and it's gonna be freaking sweet I'm very excited about it so let's go ahead and start go free-for-all if you're unfamiliar with the rewired soul his name is Chris bootay he runs the Mental Health Channel not that much different than many many many other mental health channels he's been topic of controversy recently as you can see if you put in his name you're gonna see a lot of channels exposing him you can see that some of these are mental health channels bipolar corner driven industries and here's my thing and this is what I'm talking about the massive hypocrisy even now he's trying to defend this guy and this is the point where all the dm's of Chris were out that showed him gloating about drama so like all the proof was on that Chris was not such a great guy but he ignores all that and defends him again I'm not biased okay you got people upset with Chris because he's a mental health channel that focuses primarily on drama pulling topics from the drama community to talk about to better relate to the audience okay what's so much different than these other mental health channels perpetuating the drama the difference is these other mental health channels are talking about themselves and their own problems they are not pointing at some famous youtuber they've never met or if never talked to at all and saying they have problems that's the difference is that not hypocritical you don't think so okay he's not licensed to do this but when I talked to him and we'll get into that in just a little bit he is less than 6 months away from a certification are any of these other health channels mental health channels are they are they though he spends the first 5 minutes trying to answer critiques against Chris defending him again and then for the rest of the video he targets this girl leafy greens now leafy greens is a mental health channel she talks about her problems and dealing with them I looked a lot into leafy greens and all the things that happened there and I mean this in the nicest way she is unstable she has a lot of mental health issues going on and frankly I don't think she should be on YouTube I think she needs to get off and focus on herself and her own mental health but if you take a quick glance at her channel you can tell she's not very stable we been really excited to make a video about creativity and mental health I genuinely hope she seeks out hope and I'm not trying to be mean but I need to express to you guys she's not a stable person and she's also pregnant we're gonna talk about leafy greens who is somebody that he is said to have diagnosed I reached out and asked if I could ask her a few questions about it she said yeah and she went on to explain why why it made her upset she first starts out with for one I made my first video about Chris because I thought it was so disgusting that he continued to make videos about Trisha Paytas having BPD after she did not having it I go on to say to be clear you are not diagnosed with BPD you don't have to answer in the beginning I only wanted to know if she was ever diagnosed with BPD she says I've told you straight up I think BPD is problematic diagnosis that shouldn't exist I have complex PTSD and I am a survivor of emotional and sexual torture but the fact of the matter is and I'm not trying to break this person down or anything like that whether or not you feel BPD is or should exist or not it's out there I'm interested in your complex trauma theory it's interesting she said you can easily discover by watching my videos that I have indeed been diagnosed with BPD by a doctor who specializes in borderline personality disorder my question is is how did you get to that point we're not gonna go into details on that but it does make me think that if you were there to see a specialist you were probably referred to the specialist before this forty minute video RevZilla is going through an interview with an unstable pregnant girl and trying to make her look bad throughout the entire interview he is trying to question her diagnosis and her mental health problems to make her slip up he kept asking repetitive questions that eventually made leafy greens mad the whole point of the interview was to make leafy greens look like a hypocrite and irrational so that the rewired soul would look like a good mental health Channel that's why the video was called the truth in hypocrisy surrounding the rewired soul he was trying to show leafy greens as a hypocrite and is irrational and as a crazy person and to his benefit he did achieve this because once again he was interrogating an unstable pregnant woman of course she's gonna freak out when you start questioning her mental illnesses I still don't understand what rep Zilla was trying to do with this video well I do understand what he was trying to do but I think everyone else was like what are you doing here it didn't really did it really add up so after the interview leafy greens saw the video and she said RevZilla apparently showed a lot of info in the DMS that he told her personally he would not show what he showed was very personal stuff to leafy and it put her in a panic she was so panicked by this she ended up having a breakdown on a live stream and now you might be saying Primack how do you know his intentions were to make her look bad well I'll tell you my little bean a few days after the interview in a few days after leafy greens mental breakdown RevZilla was DMing creators tons of dirt he found on the few greens past he was giving people her real name her old accounts he was given people all this stuff because he wanted these creators to make expose videos on leafy greens while his interview was out so to put this into perspective RevZilla saw this pregnant woman breaking down on the live stream and he thought you know what I think I need to I think we need to get some exposed videos on this girl and he specifically told these creators not to mention him at all in these videos because he wants to maintain the persona that he is this positive innocent person during this situation in the public's view RevZilla was just giving leafy a platform to talk about her problems and he didn't realize she couldn't handle it behind the scenes he was coaxing creators to come up with exposed videos that would make leafy greens look insane and it would back up what his interview was saying it's very sinister I believe full heartedly leafy was chosen for this interview because she was a vulnerable person that he could easily make look that he didn't choose me for the interview he didn't choose any other person that would have been a good candidate he chose a girl that no one really knew about and within a few minutes of research you could tell she's not very stable and not in the right mindset to do the interview I full-heartedly believe he chose her because he knew he could take advantage of her and honestly that's one of the most repulsive things I've seen in a long time if Silla received quite a lot of backlash for this interview because it showed private info that he wasn't supposed to show and made leafy have a meltdown so he deleted it but then he made a response talking about what happened I seek out to see the good in people no never the bad I am very a compassionate person so I had an interview with leaf leafy and I previously did not know that her mental health was not well enough to do that interview um you did know you did you did so much research on her in fact that you later was said of creators dirt you found on her you knew very well she had problems there's no way in my eyes you couldn't have known that but now he's acting like he barely knows her just like he acted like he barely knew Chris and this is the persona that I keep talking about RevZilla has built this online personality that he is this positive neutral person that's always in the right and if he ever gets caught up in trouble he's just acts naive it's not his fault he didn't know what he was doing but off camera and behind the scenes RevZilla is a very calculated strategic man that knows exactly what he's doing everything he says and does is very meticulous and has a purpose to either make someone look bad or make him look good for example when the first wave of hate formed towards the reward soul RevZilla put this video out explaining his side of the drama really think I wasn't able to get a normal video out today but I just wanted to update you guys on a couple things tomorrow I've got to go to the hospital with my girlfriend because she's had some issues with this thing that's been on the back of her head for a while and we don't know if it's serious we don't know what it is but she was having like these things called migraine strokes which I'm not really sure what those are but they were very scary why for the first part of a video what you're supposed to be explaining yourself on drama you're bringing up that your girlfriend is ill and not feeling so good he wants sympathy he wants you to feel bad for him who in their right mind would send hate to a guy who's going through a rough time right now whose girlfriend's ill if you son hate towards him you're a bad person he did this again when my part one came out he uploaded a video he's deleted both of these videos now but he uploaded a video talking about what I was gonna talk about in this video which if you're so innocent don't know how you're gonna know what I'm talking about it's kind of strange right yeah I feel like I can't even focus on the videos that I want to make anymore it sucks cuz I worked ever since I started YouTube I started right after I got out of the hospital from the accident that almost took my life and I wanted to dedicate my life to something good I want to be a public speaker and I needed to build a community platform you guys know the story behind it I mean it feels so bad dude like I only do my I get I give my best every single day I practice positive thinking but when I got it when I got in the accident I did suffer a brain injury and that does affect my cognitive abilities and it did give me extreme PTSD and all this other stuff and I don't like to talk about those types of things but I'm just I'm over here struggling trying to do my thing and these people are just trying to make their just I get it make the videos and stuff like that but make it make it right once again he brings up his problems and how much of a hard time he's having now because I'm making a video on him sympathy again this video in particular sent all his fans to call me a horrible person how dare you make a video on a person who is dealing with mental health problems right now what he does it's it's so manipulative and gross I don't disgusting and it makes me so mad how many people he has wrapped around his finger but hopefully this video changes that trying to bring awareness to topics that really matter and you know the help would save people and do things here come these after I saw how RevZilla handled the real art soul in the leafy situation I decided I needed to look more into RevZilla because I saw through his act and I wanted to prove to people who he really was so I started to do a lot of digging and I found a lot of stuff that we're gonna go through him get ready it's fun so one rep Zilla was newer on YouTube he used to make a lot of videos on poppy and Mars Argo it's like a really strange like genre on YouTube I don't even know this other thing but don't worry it's not important but that's basically what his whole channel is about he had dozens and dozens of videos on these two people and in the process of making these videos he made a lot of people from these communities mad the poppy community in the Mars agro community because his videos were looking deeply into poppy and Mars are gos life and in the process of doing that he was releasing a lot of private info from these people that should not be online he actually even had a video taken down because he was giving out so much private info I even found a petition created to stop RevZilla from taxing these people's lives it's crazy when your channel is that small and you already have petitions trying to stop you something's up my guy that's not normal anyways these poppy fans that he made mad started doing digging into RevZilla and they found old racist homophobic tweets on his account and the only reason I'm bringing this up is because I want you guys to pay attention to how he acts when he's caught in a lie so these old tweets started going around and instead of taking responsibility for it he messages the people sending these dm's around and he calls the DM fake and reports them Wow simultaneously deleting these old tweets on his counter how are you gonna say they're fake if you just deleted them will you talk about then people started calling him a liar because people are dumb they're like we just saw you delete that what are you talking about I'm gonna say it's fake he ended up receiving so much backlash that he made a response video I'm gonna address something real quick it's kind of very very aggravating so I got this tweet that was sent to me let's see if I can find it a couple it says so where's the booze faggots and it's from my Twitter then it says Mexico Schnur so somebody sent this to me my original thoughts was oh my god somebody's made a fake tweet and they're there tagging me in it and I was like surely surely everybody's gonna know that's fake that's my thought and then I got another one and another one and they were all very racist and stuff like that coming from my Twitter and I kept getting them and it was like the puppy stance it was like there's a good side of puppy stands and then there's a bad side of poppy stands right as in with it pretty much all communities unless it's the rep squad because the whole rope squads good but I'm sitting here I'm trying to work on a really serious video and trying to bring awareness to topics that really mattered you know to help and save people and do things like that and then here come these immature kids did do these things see how he's always pushing the blame it's the poppy Stan's fault for finding these DMS not mine they should have found him how is it my fault I'm just said here trying to do good he's the same person as Chris guys I'm telling you they're identical they're both so manipulative no wonder they were friends it all makes sense now they're soul mates make these fake tweets so when I actually got to looking at it I realized that these tweets were not fake they were real I just realized they were real oh my god I was like whoa whoa whoa cuz I was trying to figure out how did somebody fake a tweet and then put it on my Twitter and then I realized the date of it was back in 2012-2013 that's back when I was a teenager okay another lie back in 2013 he would have been 23 years old because he's currently 29 which shocked the heck out of me because he doesn't act it but he says teenager because teens do stupid stuff and it makes you understand a bit better and give some leeway to his actions I was a teen winter up I did that stuff I understand you didn't know better you're fine he goes on to say the tweets were his but some admins that used to run his account always pushing the blame off him in every instance I've seen of him in trouble he always acts like he doesn't know what's going on until he can't anymore and then instead of finally owning up he pushes the blame to someone else RevZilla it was still your account you were in control as a 23 year old man you should know not to have those tweets but the point of this is not to call him racist the point of this is to show you how he reacts when he's caught in a lie he denies until he can't anymore then he pushes the blame towards someone else and he is the angel in all cases just like the rewired soul he pretended for days and days and days he barely had any connection to the guy but when he finally realized he couldn't do that anymore he made a video where he said he cut ties with Chris because he doesn't support what Chris has done another video where he was I guess he was sitting around the table with his mother and he was talking about how much money he was making off of mental health I know I'm not about that I don't want to be associated with anything like that so yesterday I told Chris I burnt that bridge and said we're not gonna be contacting each other anymore he threw all the blame off of himself onto Chris and why do you need to cut ties with someone you say you barely even know this is very fishy very fishy it was also pretty toxic and discord communities at this time but I am too so we are gonna judge upon the you know can't be a hypocrite here and I'll kill me friends and family of of Kate have reached out to me and this was a small bit of info I found but once again it shows his character so I thought it would benefit the video a while ago RevZilla made a video talking about a situation where a girl faked her suicide it's a long story and a story's not really important but in his once again now deleted video he released a lot of this girl's private info that was not out in the public to anyone he seems to have a big problem Daxing people that's what I've discovered and in the video he specifically says the family thanked him for talking about the situation friends and family of of Kate have reached out to me and really thanked me for making this video go the video was only up for a short amount of time when it received a long comment from what looks to be an actual family member of the girl once again full comment is in Google Drive but it's just a non-aggressive comment saying we know you want to spread awareness about the situation and appreciate that but you are spreading around personal info that is sending her to the people involved we tried to contact you on Twitter and Instagram but you didn't respond please take the video down it's putting a lot of people in danger we don't want to file a privacy takedown this comment was deleted and soon after the video was also deleted or taken down I'm not really sure if it was forcibly taken down I personally asked RevZilla did he know or have contact with the girl's family before making that video or not and he said no my audience reached out to me and asked me to cover this story I did it was the hardest video I have ever made I have that video if you've never seen it he never sent me that video because I told him I would be using it in this video if you have nothing to hide why not show it you know fishy so this family was already dealing with a lot they had all their information leaked and even after RevZilla lied and said the family thanked him which they were like boy we don't even know you who are you all these people wanted was the video taken down and instead of doing that he hid their comment and I can only assume the video was forcibly taken down and what the situation shows is he doesn't care who he hurts whose information he leaks or whose effective he would do anything to maintain his innocent persona and make money that's his goal ain't got nothing to do it I'm just a good guy and I'm like trying to like just help a guy out like I have multiple conversation now we are back in the poppy era when we're sila was making all his videos on poppy back then he had a friend named Marci I have I have here with me Marci hi Marci are you though there he is yeah we have contact so Marci helped me put together this actually he pretty much created this quiz but this is a really good quiz to test your intelligence now Marci was also this guy who was in this weird poppy John Ruan YouTube I don't I still don't I don't get it it's weird it's strange so these two shared info and Marci helped with a lot of research foregrip zilla's videos this went on for about a year they were good friends and everything was nice Marci we love Marci soon Marci started to notice from zillow wasn't crediting him for his work in videos anymore and being the person who was giving this guy most of the info reps that were used for his videos he just wanted his name somewhere on it Marci asked for Priscilla a few times in the DMS to credit him and Priscilla just continued to ignore it until eventually Marci ended up getting so fed up that his research was being used by someone without being credited so he made a video called talking about RevZilla also the thumbnail is the same as the one in the beauty search result obviously mine so the video this link here his mind it's not a loss of protein or however they pronounce it in this Alaska whitey and he is proof of how he actually knew what it actually was it's a very long detailed video but it showed clear proof that Marcy was giving RevZilla ideas and info for his videos and reps Allah was not crediting him Omar she wanted from rockzilla was to be credited and after helping her Philip for over a year I think he deserved it but instead of just giving this guy the credit which is all he had to do I just had the same situation happened in part one I forgot to credit had a gold who was the super nice woman from the intro you guys know her and someone left a comment saying hey you forgot to credit her I saw the comment and I said oh shoot thank you and then guess what guys guess what I did I gave her credit it's pretty simple but instead of doing that riff sila saw this video and reached out to Marcy remove the video you got messages from my personal facebook on there people can find me that way it's an image no names exactly images privacy stance remove the video so in the DMS Marcy showed reptillus Facebook profile picture in the video which is not doxxing him RevZilla is a public figure who takes God knows hum and he selfies this one's pretty sexy not gonna lie an image of him is not private but he was trying to use that as an excuse to get Marcy to take down the video also by the way I skip around a bit in the DMS because they go in circles but the entire conversation is on Google Drive there's like 30 photos go check it out I highly recommend sad just sad we aren't friends any longer if you upload any further imagery or content of mine if you use any personal deems from any non-public account again I will straight sue you do you understand I will straight sue you do you understand that no games wait not being funny does that mean I can't reference your content you can use anything to do with Mars Argo I'm not heard wth lol s MH don't use my name you might want to remove any videos that reference me closely at all if you want to keep your channel the nice positive innocent reptillus casually threatening to remove someone's channel because they made a video he did not like once again his on-camera persona is a facade guys I'm trying my best to express that just remove the unwarranted video and publicly apologize for your mistakes once trick will lose the ability to most things three strikes will kill your channel ah the nice positive innocent RevZilla is casually blackmailing his friend publicly apologize and delete the video or I'll delete your channel such a sweet positive boy hmm well then guess I don't have a choice when you post your apology I'll try my best to sway people's I should be doing this in a southern accent I just realized that when you post your apology I will try my best to sway people's opinions into giving you another chance ah the nice positive innocent RevZilla is casually talking about swaying people's opinions I love an unbiased opinion I'm not biased he even left a comment on the video like this comment if you were here before the copy strike guys he's insane he's wild I'm trying to show you like I said there's over 30 pictures of the conversation in the Google Drive the entire conversation is Rep Silla trying to blackmail and force this guy who helped her for a year into deleting the video and in fact rep Silla actually did remove one of Marcy's videos and he tried to get another one taken down RevZilla abused YouTube system to try to force this guy into silence which I'm sure if we tweeted at Team YouTube they would have a problem with it a large creator abusing their system to blackmail a smaller creator into apologizing and removing videos does seem like it may be against the rules I don't know maybe we should find out RevZilla also reported him on instagram and twitter which forced marcy to delete some posts including a thumbnail for video that RevZilla specifically gave him permission to use RevZilla through this guy under the bus he abused many systems to try to force him to stay silent but that wasn't enough he then released a video speaking of my stalker there was one person however that was trying to do YouTube and they were asking me advice and it was no problem for me to give him advice I didn't see this person as a big deal this is true in the DMS RevZilla gives him channel advice but Marcy was also helping him with videos it was a mutual friendship but rep Zilla paints it like he always does I was just a good guy hoping and he took advantage of me but when I went on vacation I kind of heard it from other people in the community that this person was leaking information about me that other people just shouldn't know things about my friends things about my family doxxing stalking that's what it is is stalking the guy that has a petition made to stop him from dachshund people is now saying he's being doxed that's kind of funny right you are a public figure you put your face out there you put your name out there people are allowed to use what you put out there it comes with the territory people can use my voice because I made it public they have the right to use it however they want don't do any dirty things with my voice please but people do have a right to use anything you make public what's the difference I had this girl that was a stalker she was taking pictures of me that were not public and posting out there and this person would did the same thing they took my picture that was not public and posted on their their YouTube thumbnails and talked about me and put my name in their titles in their descriptions tags and everything and released messages between me and this person from a personal Facebook account he keeps trying to portray Marcy as the sinister stalker much like he tried to portray me as an evil guy trying to destroy the reward soul Marcy was represent his friend for over a year and RevZilla is painting him as a stalker and this whole thing is over the fact that Marcy wanted to be credited that's all he wanted it first started with they were they were saying to people that but Noah was not called bad I don't have time to do that and it's clear to see if you stack the content up next to each other there is no copying it's completely different there's no way he's he this is somebody that was helping it but because I was helping him he used it as an opportunity to tell other people well I'm friends with him on social media oh he he sub to my channel oh he did all this I ain't got nothing to do is I'm just a good guy and I'm like trying to like just help the guy out like I have multiple conversations in the personal diems where I'm like helping him out and that's all it is is just help in fact the difference between mine his content is visual I spend eight to twelve hours on my videos where he maybe takes 15 minutes and I felt bad because I always wanted to share my wisdom with him because he was an aspiring YouTube channel and I just wanted to do everything I could to just help the guy out that's all I wanted to do you know that's what I'm about and I was gonna actually spend thousands of dollars for him and buy him new stuff just not because of anything other than that's the type of stuff that I do imagine being a friend and helping someone out for a year and then all you ask for is some credit if he uses your ideas in a video and what you're met with is a threat to take down your channel a threat of a lawsuit and now he's calling you a stalker to all his fans this is not okay nothing RevZilla has ever done is okay and in the video RevZilla said Marcy was leaking private info from his Facebook so I was like okay that's the claim so I went straight to RevZilla and I asked him do you have proof for these claims he said yeah I have proof but I can't show you that proof so I was like all right can't believe you then sorry Marcy has offered me pages and pages and pages of proof I gotta take his side nothing RevZilla has done is okay but he's got away with all of it he's had no repercussion whatsoever for any other stuff in this video and it's because of this persona he's built he puts on this southern accent shows this nice cute face and is able to convince everyone that he is always this innocent person trying to do good and the actual victims of what he is doing are the bad people it's the same exact thing that the reward salted and honestly maybe the real word soul looked like a cowboy twink he would have gotten away with it true who knows in RevZilla knows he's in the wrong if he thought he was innocent he wouldn't be mass deleting videos he want to be writing me essays on why he's innocent he want to be deleting discord messages he want to be reaching out to all the people he screwed over and he would have be said in this stuff out I've always viewed my life with compassion never condemned and my fellow man for the past actions this is a hard concept for a lot of people but to me the world closed off would be much worse don't condemn me from my past actions this is a hard concept for a lot of people he's prepared for the worst oh my god the point of this video was not to destroy RevZilla I was not trying to end his career I'm not trying to do anything like that the point of this video is to give you guys the tools to see past his manipulative persona so the next time that he's pushing the blame off himself or making the victim look like the villain or acting like a naive person that doesn't know what's going on I want you guys to be able to call him out I want you guys to see past the facade I want you guys to I want you guys to realize he's not some teenager that makes mistakes and doesn't know what's going on and wants to be positive but rather he is a 30 year old man who knows right from wrong and behind the scenes off camera he knows what he's doing he knows how to manipulate he knows it all and what I hope this video has done is that in the future he is held accountable for his actions because you shouldn't be able to get away with the stuff he's done you shouldn't be able to make someone have a mental breakdown and then try to plan exposed videos on her you shouldn't be able to race this homophobic stuff on your Twitter and act like it wasn't you or you don't know what's going on you shouldn't be able to Doc's people or pretend you know people to make you look better when you really don't know them at all and you should have be able to call your friend a stalker that has helped you for the past year that's that's insane and then throw it in with a lawsuit if he doesn't stop about you like honestly if you look at what RevZilla is done and what the real art soul has done the reroute soul kind of looks like an angel I'm gonna be honest it's insane how much rep Zilla has gotten away with I just need a southern accent I think I think that's the key anyways guys that's the end of the video I hope I've given you the tools to see past a manipulative personality probably not I probably haven't changed anyone's mind his fans are still gonna tell me to kill myself that's fine all right have a good day well I can't grow up before I change forgive the twelve-year-old inside me and stop scaring her away I wasn't born to behave this way there is some good life inside means that won't fade

44 Replies to “Youtube's Wolf in Sheep's Clothing | The Rewired Soul & Repzilla Part 2”

  1. Well presented thesis-I'd give ya a Master's degree😃 You did an awesome job of detaling relationships, motives and actions! Wanting to understand the backdrop of this tes brought me here, but your video quality made me stay- new sub🌻

  2. Is it just me why is this guy always having a finger by his nose, on his nose, next to his nose… pause the vid n grab a tissue.

  3. Just because you are young does not discredit you. They are wrong for using that as their main issue with you.

  4. OK- I AM a professional mental health clinician and I’m livid- Did this Rewired soul guy really say he was close
    to a certificate and then have Rep seriously say that somehow qualifies him? Let me be very clear- to misrepresent yourself and your qualifications- that’s illegal! And a certificate DOES NOT QUALIFY you to perform psychotherapy or diagnose. PERIOD. Also, ANYONE who is an MH professional KNOWS you don’t just go around giving people online diagnoses- unethical and illegal.
    The ignorance re: the comments on BPD va CPTSD just shows that they aren’t professionals and aren’t even up to date on current peer reviewed literature.
    This type of shit makes me so angry. If you want to be a MH clinician and diagnose people, go to school for 20yrs and do the 3000 hour residency and clinical supervision the rest of us have done. Otherwise, step aside because you are possibly breaking the law, violating ethics, and potentially damaging a lot of people.

    I’m so disappointed because I watched Rep for a while during the Poppy scandal and I never saw this type of behavior.
    And if this rewired soul guy is doing all this- like calling a certificate “close enough” to being an independent MH clinician and directly saying he’s diagnosing people etc he needs to be reported to his state’s BBS because that’s violating so many laws!

    And y’all- don’t trust MH channels for more than support and validation- trust your IRL clinicians.

    I SO hope I’m wrong about this and am just confused

  5. Also I'm from the south (centerelish Texas) and have been to every southern state and I can say that his accent is being exaggerated or faked.

  6. “I’m a very compassionate person” talking about making a girl have a mental breakdown because he made her discuss her mental health, then said he had no idea it was bad. wow what a psycho.

  7. I unfortunately was temporarily manipulated by repzilla through his videos because he talked about topics I was interested in. I believed the little white lies he made to make himself look like the good guy. However I never subscribed to him because I had a gut feeling about him.

  8. Feel like this is MGk vs eminem all over again, hell the Zilla thing looks like mgk even. No wonder he's getting his ass handed to him

  9. I really want to see Prim slaughter the character of someone like Jaclyn Hill or James Charles…. like from start to end all their awful behaviors… because they’re so spaced out I feel like they get forgiven so easily when in reality they’re some of the worst people in the industry🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. Hey person who went through a horrible car wreck and suffers from ptsd here!!! It does not control your life! He needs to stop making excuses. I have other mental health issues and they do put a burden on me. But I am bigger than them. I do not let my mental issues effect my relationships and how I treat others. They are my problems not others. And of course others are different of course. But the way he is acting is manipulative and can warp some ones view of mental health.
    (I edited it and fixed the sentence structure :] )

  11. Coming after a person who has mental issues is sickening and disgusting that you will go out of your way and send hate to someone who can’t help it, ppl these days 🙄

  12. 17:46
    How do you not know what migraines and strokes are and he doesn't know if it is so serious he is so retarded

  13. I watched his poppy and mars argo videos and i loved him for bringing attention to how bad poppy is but now i can see he was the bad personnn

  14. Nobody has any business asking ANYONE about their mental health problems. Also: BPD has the HIGHEST suicide rate of all mental illnesses! They are very easily triggered and are very vulnerable! I hope this woman is doing okay!

  15. “I wanted to dedicate my life to something good”
    Oh so like teacher or firefighter or some shit?
    Nah. YouTube public speaker
    Ok then…

  16. So let me get this straight
    He's a racist
    Targets a pregnant disabled girl and puts all of her personal business out there

    Defends TRS

    But we can't hate him because he has a sick girlfriend and PTSD?

    Do I have it right🤔

  17. My dude, you didn't spill the tea… You threw the whole goddamn cup. Like damn, taking a snake with cold hard fAcTs.

  18. Listen I can not be the only person… that literally died at that welcome joke that legit made my whole night

  19. Primink giving Shane Dawson a run for his money I'm telling yall 💯 People need to stop sleeping on him cause he's the next up I swear.

  20. He fucked with @creepshowart and that’s why I can’t mess with the rewired soul, I defend Shannon to the end cause she’s a genuine person other than Chris. She’s the absolute best.

  21. As someone who has severe depression, even more severe anxiety and PTSD and only LISTENING to Leif E, I could feel that ache in her soul and I am fuckin pissed at emo cowboy. Disturbing is right. Thanks for not being a fence-sitter, fair twink.

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