yup. its a try on clothing haul(send help)

yup. its a try on clothing haul(send help)

hey guys what's up and welcome back to my channel if you guys are new here hey what's up I'm Madi yeah it's another clothing haul know you guys are probably sick of these but you know what I'm not gonna so I'm gonna keep posting them face video is actually sponsored by Nasty Gal and they were so nice to send me some awesome pieces for the summer time to show you guys and you guys should definitely shop their new collection also follow my Instagram if you guys want to stay up to date and also subscribe links will be in the description below to their new collection as well as to the clothes that I show you guys in this video the first things I just want to talk about is actually what I'm wearing so these two necklaces right here actually from Nasty Gal both of them are a snake one and this pendant so yeah I love them I love their jewelry their jewelry so cute and you can layer them as you can see because I just did it and then I also got this barrette which has like the little pearls on it you're just sick in your hair which it actually kind of could look good maybe I'm tripping yeah no no it's not what this hairstyle but yeah I got this cute little barrette Swan which is a very neon neon is so in right now and I wanted to hop on that trend it came in camera it looks a lot different than what it is on it's a way pretty it's like an orange pink color on camera it looks like straight orange but I promise it's not but this is just a cute little top and also ties in the back which you guys will see in the trial like peach color it's like a satin light baby peach pink color which i think is so cute and then layering it with these necklaces adorable so I got this and there's also a little tie in the front and yeah you just press this pair of jeans and you're good to go this super cute top it is this light baby pink with like polka dots on it and you can just tie it up and with gold necklaces it'd be so cute as well and it's just like a little ruffle light baby pink top which i think is adorable and super cute pop is a floral top actually but the next top just like this it has some cute little ruffle sleeves or part I don't even know and then it's just a floral top so I think this is adorable super heat pairs like a look like high-waisted jeans cute pair of white sneakers adorable and I love it for the summer time I also forgot the show but I got this super cute yellow crop top which I'm obsessed with it's so pretty it's like a satin baby yellow and I love it then I got this white top it basically is a bando but then it's crunches in the middle by the boob area which i think is really cute you'll see out on it looks a lot better on but yeah so I got this just white basic top the next thing I got was this black little growl it I would definitely go size up in this it's a little snug but it's just a cute little black bra that you could pair over like a denim jacket or a pair under like a denim jacket or something which I thought is a and IMG I talked and it just ties in the front and then has a little balloon sleeves and I think this is adorable for like going out or just yeah pairing with a pair of jeans as well it's just a basic black top and I got this black just off the shoulder top which i think is just like a nice basic to have in anyone's closet so I picked this super cute top up and you can just pair this with literally anything press which it's so so cute body con kind of dress and it's adorable obviously you tie these up but I think it's super cute for the summertime it's just easy to throw on and walk out the door in so I got this super cute red dress the last thing I got is this white top and then it has like um a halter neck so like you'd wrap it around your neck you'll see in the time but it's just a basic white top and then it wraps around your neck like a halter top so I think that's adorable again another basic so that is the hall guys I hope you all enjoyed and I one more haul coming for you guys it's my summer clothing haul so look out for that I'm very excited to show you guys anyways so I hope you guys enjoyed this little clothing haul I hope you guys found some cute pieces or want to look at them links will be in the description below to go shop now scale and their new collection so thank you a to NASA gal for sponsoring this video peace out guys love you bye I do anything in my path words as

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    GO ON SIS!!!!!

  2. Your Intro should be “hey welcome back to my channel if you don’t know me my name is Maddy Hayes and I have a shopping addiction”

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