Hi everyone and welcome back on my
Youtube Channel! I know it’s been a while since I posted the last time but my
schedule is crazy right now… Anyway I’m back here with another lookbook style video, a fashion video, something that you’ve already used to see here on my
Youtube Channel. The summer is still going strong, so today I’ve got for you
9 different looks that you could wear during this summer. And if this is something that you want to see then, keep on watching! Today I’ve got for you nine different
outfits, nine different summer dresses that you might enjoy watching. These are
like nine outfits of the day that I’ve got during this summer and I absolutely
loved. And I really wanted to share them here with you. I am planning to wear them again during this summer, if it will ever be sunny again here in the UK. Anyway, most of the dresses in this video are from ZARA, that’s why I wanted to call
this video ZARA haul or ZARA lookbook video. But, in the meantime, I’ve
changed my mind. I know many of you are searching for Zara hauls or Zara lookbook
videos, but I realized that you might enjoy seeing some more different brands
here in this video. I added two more different brands because, basically, this entire video sums up my entire summer vibe, as I didn’t have time to post too much. I wanna apologize one more time for not being too present during this summer
on YouTube. I’m trying to be back here, as soon as possible. I am really involved in
some more offline projects at the moment and that’s why I didn’t have time to post
too much here, on YouTube. But right now I’m doing my best to show you more dresses and more looks, so this way I can keep you updated until I will have time
to be back here on the platform. Let’s stop this rambling and let’s start
with the video. So, as I was saying I’m really into long summer dresses at the moment, really colorful and girly dresses. But I also enjoy wearing
Western trend and black and white pieces. So yeah, basically it’s kind of
everything. Besides ZARA, I will include here two more brands that I found online. These are called Sheilay and Ever Pretty. I will start with one of my favorite
summer dresses, is the dress that I’m wearing right now. Red polka dress, really long dress but absolutely beautiful. You will see it
in the small lookbook video that is coming right now. There I’m also wearing a really nice bag, from the same brand and I can honestly say that that one is my everyday bag. I have them all linked in the description box below. The second dress is a dress that I
absolutely love to wear. Is the comfiest dress that I own. It’s from ZARA. I love the print and I love to wear yellow a lot. It’s a really really long
dress. At the beginning, I didn’t want it to give it a try but after I put it on,
it was the comfiest dress that I’ve ever tried. So, I have decided to keep it. I wore this dress few days ago, when w went to a picnic and it was the perfect
choice because I had no problems with the length. So, if you are looking for
something like this, you can find this dress in the description box, as well. The third dress is a floral dress from
Ever Pretty. This one is a brand that I’ve never tried before but I was really
excited with what I’ve got. I love the print of the dress, the length, it’s showing off your waist and the v-neck is really, really flattering. So if you are looking
for something cute with all the points that I’ve mentioned before, I think you
will know where to go. The fourth dress is another dress from
Ever Pretty. It’s the same style but it’s different color. It’s a white dress to be more precise. I think it’s gonna be a really good choice
if you will have a nice tan after a holiday. In my case, I don’t think it’s
gonna happen this year but I’m definitely keeping this dress for the
next year when I’m planning to have plenty of Sun in my life. Because I just started this round of
floral dresses that I have in my wardrobe, I will show you two more floral
options from ZARA. I will start with the first one and I think this dress is really special because the shape of the dress is really special. It looks like a two-piece but it’s actually just one dress. And I think it’s such a pretty
option for any summer day. The sixth option is another dress that
I have from ZARA. You will see really shortly. What I love about this one is
the fact that the colors are so powerful and you don’t necessarily have to wear
makeup when you wear this dress. Because those colors are just popping it! popping in! And this is the thing that I really like because sometimes I really don’t
have the time in the morning to do my makeup. So, it’s a good option for the summer days when you are in a rush. The seventh look is a perfect look for evenings.
It’s an all-black look but I wanted to give it a touch of color with that hat
and with the bag. This look would be perfect for an evening at the beach or somewhere really nice. I decided to wear a full Sheilay look again. It’s the same brand that I got in my first look and I absolutely love it. So, yeah! If you want to check it out, you can go in the description, as well. The look number eight is, I think, one of
my favorite summer looks this year. It’s kind of a western-style trend but
in a more relaxed way. This kind of western-style look was my favorite look
until now, this summer. I absolutely love this style of dress from ZARA, even
though it’s a bit baggy and it’s not really feminine. I think it’s really comfortable and it looks really cool with a Western hat. I’ve got
that hat from ASOS and you will see it shortly. I absolutely love the look so,
yeah! Let me know if you like it as well! The last look is really interesting. The
details are such a nice quality… That dress was from a special edition from ZARA and I totally agree, the dress is really special and it looks really,
really good in the real life. All right! These were all my summer dresses and, as
usual, I will show you an Instagram account that I absolutely loved to
follow lately! Because it’s summer and because everyone is like in a holiday
mood, I started to follow more travel accounts than I usually do. I have
discovered a travel account really, really nice. The handle of this girl is
@thetantraveler and she has some places absolutely beautiful. Because of
her I have discovered this place that is such a dreamy place, I absolutely want to
go there any time soon! And I think it’s a really nice source of
inspiration if you are looking for some places, some nice places to go during
this summer. So I will leave her handle here and you can go and follow her. More
than that, I will show you my comment winner right now! And if you wanna be the next comment
winner in my next video don’t forget to leave me your comments down below and to
let me know more about… I don’t know, tell me more about yourself. Tell me more
about how you’re gonna spend your holiday, what are your plans for this
summer because everybody loves a good comment. Hopefully, I gave you some ideas
with my summer dresses that I’ve got lately. I’m trying to post really, really
soon again here, so don’t forget to subscribe and yeah! I will see you really
soon here again, on my channel! Bye, guys!

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  1. ZARA Haul | 9 summer dresses OOTD 2019 | Sheilay, Ever Pretty

    Hi Guys! What's up? Finally, I've got some time to put this video together for you! I've got my best summer OOTD all together, really hope it's inspiring and helpful!

    Basically, you will see my looks for the best 9 summer days in London. This 9 lookbooks for summer are my favourite ZARA dresses but I have two more brands here, as well. Check out the video and you will see what I'm talking about!

    PS: because it's been a month or two since I purchased the dresses, just now I realised that many of the pieces I am showing you here are not available anymore. Anyway, you can still try in store for the ZARA dresses. Most of them you can find in Sales!

    Also, let me know what' your favourite look and how are you spending this summer so far! Hope you will have a great one!

    LOOK 1:

    Sheilay DRESS
    ❤ International:

    Sheilay straw tote:
    ❤ International:

    Tommy Hilfiger shoes (old collection)
    ❤ can't find them online

    H&M swimsuit:
    ❤ UK 🇬🇧

    LOOK 2:

    Textured ZARA Dress:
    ❤ UK 🇬🇧

    Flats ZARA:
    ❤ UK 🇬🇧

    Picnic Basket:
    ❤ UK 🇬🇧TkMaxx (can't find it online but check out their stores, they still have it).

    Shell necklace:
    ❤ a local store in Hawaii


    LOOK 3:

    Ever Pretty Floral Pink Dress:

    Mango Pink Bag:
    ❤ UK 🇬🇧
    ❤ US 🇺🇸 – similar style

    Pink Sandals: Primark


    LOOK 4:

    Ever Pretty Floral White Dress:

    White Bag:
    ❤ bought it in LA, can't find it online

    Pink Sandals:
    ❤ Primark

    LOOK 5:

    ❤ in store: Ecru – Ref. 0287756371203

    White Bag:
    ❤ bought it in LA, can't find online


    LOOK 6:

    ❤ in store: Multicoloured – Ref. 0215704733002

    Black Fringed Bag:
    ❤Zara (old collection)


    LOOK 7:


    Straw Hat:

    Lace Dress


    LOOK 8:

    ❤ in store: Black – Ref. 0138102580002

    ASOS western hat:
    ❤ UK 🇬🇧


    LOOK 9:

    ❤ in store: only one colour – Ref. 0752108205003

    Black Fringed Bag:
    ❤Zara (old collection)

    ZARA Haul | 9 summer dresses OOTD 2019 | Sheilay, Ever Pretty

    #ZARAHaul #ZARA #summerhaul



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    – H&M Studio HAUL:

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    ❤ INSTAGRAM:….
    E-MAIL: [email protected]



    ♫MUSIC♫: Epidemic

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  3. I love this Haul. Happy Monday, New friend to you. Always a fv from me. I really love all of them you have great style. Stay connected.

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