1. I wish you uploaded this earlier! A few weeks ago I shopped off ZAFUL FIRST TIME EVERRR. Was looking for reviews and really wanted one from you but here it is! Abit late but that’s ok! ❤️❤️😋

  2. I’m loving the platinum white blonde on you misha! Oh how I love you and momma grimes so much. I cannot wait for this years hooday vlogs of you guys!! I literally look forward to summer because of them.

  3. I love you too together and brings a real smile to my face. I lost my Mum a long time ago and it’s lovely to see your genuine Mother/Daughter bond that you share, you’re both as daft as each other and that is endearing lol. Two beautiful ladies together like two rays of sunshine. P.S. Those pink knickers came in handy …. and Mama Grimes, using a pair of your own to tie your hair up in the changing rooms, how intuitive but mad at the same time lol 😝 xxxx

  4. That horrendous tan line also shows on the inner thigh, I feel bad the spray tan job wasn't done properly

  5. I love your videos! Really you should check out the challenges at shhhoyos.com! You are perfect for it and anyone can try!

  6. Mamma Grimes is obsessed over Misha's pants (panties), keeps flashing them all over the screen. Too funny 😂. Love that first red dress, it fits works well with the hair

  7. I was the one who messaged you about that pink ruffle dress!!! It literally looks perfect!!! 😊😊😊😊

  8. You both are my favorite YouTubers. I love your style! You are so adorable and have a gorgeous figure. Thanks for sharing so much of your life. Happy summer 😎 XO

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