Zero Waste Produce Bags | Sewing How to

Zero Waste Produce Bags | Sewing How to

hi everyone I’m Whitney and I post a new
tutorial every week to help sewers of all skill levels learn new projects and
techniques this week I’m showing how to make zero waste produce bags they are so
useful and quick to make so let’s get right into the tutorial for my bag I’m
trying out a double gauze fabric for my stash I chose it because it would be
lightweight and breathable but because of the structure of the fabric and how
loose the weave is I’m not sure how long my bag will last or if it will start
ripping around these stitches so I would actually recommend choosing a different
fabric than this maybe a muslin or a lightweight cotton would work well for
these kinds of bags and but you can also just use what you have on hand you can
definitely just go into your stash and find a fabric that you think would work
great for a produce bag and that will be perfect
start off by straightening the cut edge of the fabric I found it easy to use the
print as a guide but feel free to use a rotary cutter of ruler and a rotary safe
glove then cut the fabric to the length you want the bag to be at plus an extra
one to one-and-a-half inches fold the piece in half and cut right at the
halfway mark this allows you to get two produce bags from one strip of fabric time to start sewing fold one piece in
half wrong sides together and make sure all the cut edges are lined up so along
the side and bottom with a small seam allowance of about 1/4 inch clip the
corner and turn the bag so the right sides are facing together what we’re
doing is sewing French seams to hide all of the raw edges inside sew along the
same side and bottom as before but this time it use a half inch seam allowance
to enclose the original seam allowance with the raw edges turn the bag to the
right sides turn the top edge of the bag over by a quarter inch and sew all the
way around turn over another half inch and sew again this time leave about an
inch open where a drawstring will be inserted insert a narrow ribbon shoelace or cord
into the casing trim the ends and tie together in a knot shift the cord until
the knot is hidden in the casing at the side opposite the opening slide a pony
bead or small wooden bead onto the loop of cording make a knot close to the loop
to keep the bead from falling off the bead helps the bag stay closed after the
drawstring is cinched now you’re ready to head to the market and load up on
fresh fruits and veggies in your reusable produce bags I would love to
see the bags you make if you give this project a try and you can share pictures
of them with me on instagram using #WhitneySews or you can share
them on the Whitney Sews facebook page if you want more tutorials on low waste
alternatives you can find a playlist full of them linked right over here to
the side and then if you’re interested in the supporting Whitney Sews on a
financial level and contributing to help make future Whitney Sews tutorials
possible you can do so by checking out my patreon page that is also linked here
on the screen and until next time happy sewing

24 Replies to “Zero Waste Produce Bags | Sewing How to”

  1. This is awesome! I will be making some of these for stopping at roadside stands.
    I've been looking for a tutorial to be able to steam vegetables (particularly potatoes) in a reuseable bag.

  2. This is an awesome project!
    I recently acquired a small amount of mesh fabric and I wonder if you already have a tutorial for some projects using mesh or if you'd consider posting a tutorial? I only have about a scant yard and I find it's kind of stretchy. I thought about making a bag such as the one in this tutorial for my bras and delicates on laundry day. 💜☺️ I appreciate your input and thanks for sharing, Whitney.

  3. Super cute & functional! I bet this is still a reasonable choice for a veggie bag due to the french seams. I'll be interested to hear how it holds up, because in all other ways, it seems a great choice for a fruit and veggie bag! Great tutorial as always! <3

  4. Great idea. I need to look in my fabric stash to see what I have. Love your easy to follow tutorials

  5. I would love to see you make one of those circle draw string makeup bags, Ive tried watching other people's but no one explains stuff like you.
    You make even the hardest stuff seam easy!

  6. I have literally bought some fabric from the thrift store and was going to look for a pattern this weekend. Thank you!!!

  7. Love these! I've made similar ones out of sheer curtain material. I use them for bulk foods too… sheer fabric is helpful so the cashier can see what's inside. 🙂

  8. Just what I needed today Whitney, I wanted to get something done, but didn't want to start a huge project, or finish any of my "UFO's" (unfinished objects), so this was great. already made three! You're the best!

  9. I've made a bunch of these many years ago out of daylight curtains, since they're a bit seethrough, some of them have cute designs and they're very light weight and surprisingly durable with them french seams. Really handy, really cute!

  10. Awesome tutorial! Can’t wait to make some of these. The best pattern I’ve seen so far👍🙏🇨🇦

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